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Pathophysiology of Cholecystitis

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Many people may not be familiar with a common disease known as cholecystitis. It would first be advisable to roughly introduce the illness and what anyone may need to know. The problem starts at the gallbladder and later developing into other complications (Devendorf, Murray, & Sharp, 2018). Therefore, one can comfortably say that cholecystitis is the swelling of the gallbladder. Generally, the problem begins when a gallstone gets trapped around the opening end of the gallbladder. This makes it hard for materials to pass through hence causing a lot of pain, nausea, fever, as well as other deadly complications (Brazier, 2018). The situation starts getting worse when the condition is left unattended to for an extended period where the results include the perforation of the gallbladder, gangrene as well as the death of delicate tissues. In every 100 patients who have been diagnosed with cholecystitis, 95 of them are caused by gallstones. This disease can be mistaken with peptic ulcer disease, cardiac disease and irritable bowel disease (Brazier, 2018). 

The pathophysiology of cholecystitis disease starts with the occlusion of the cystic duct. It is also known as a malfunction of the overall function of gallbladder, which acts as a reservoir for bile when it is not being used (Devendorf, Murray, & Sharp, 2018). Therefore, when the gallstones block the outlet, then no emptying takes place. Usually, these gallstones are created from different materials in the body, for instance, bilirubinate or cholesterol (Jones, Genova, & O'Rourke, 2019). The presence of these substances in the body raises the chances of developing cholecystitis and formation of other stones in the body. The pressure is massively increased in the gallbladder when the obstruction takes place hindering its primary functions which are storing bile. However, the nature and seriousness of the disease are determined by the degree and duration of obstruction (Jones, Genova, & O'Rourke, 2019). This kind of obstruction should not be assumed since the accumulation of bile can lead to sepsis or in other occasions, death. 

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