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Patient’s Recommended Drug Therapy

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The factor selected from the case study of a 50-year-old African American male with a history of obesity is based on the fact that the concentration of the drug at the site of the receptor determines the intensity of the drug's effect in the body of a patient. The factor influences both pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes in the patient through the perception of understanding the safety of the patient from a time the drug is absorbed in the body to the time of elimination (Bak, Kozik, Smolinski & Jampilek, 2017). The fact that the patient has been diagnosed with hypertension and hyperlipidemia means that the level of drug concentration at the site of absorption should be accorded the requisite attention. For instance, Hydralazine and Atenolol should be taken in small doses to alleviate issues of toxicity. 

Pharmacokinetic entails studying the entire processes of drug absorption, distribution in the body systems, and eventually excretion. Hence, the consideration of drug concentration at the time of absorption is quite effective in enhancing efficacy and removes toxic substances in the body of a patient. A pharmacodynamic process entails the understanding of the relation at a time the drug is absorbed in the body of a patient and the resulting effect on the health of a patient (Chen Zhou & Palmisano, 2017). Hence, the intensity of the drug concentration factor plays the function of binding the type of drug taken with the receptors, and this outlines the pharmacodynamic process. 

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Changes in both the processes of Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics have a resulting effect on the patient’s recommended drug therapy. The fact that drugs such as Sertraline are required in large doses on a daily basis means that the intensity of the drug response and the density of the receptors may lead to adverse effects on the patient's drug therapy if the concentration of the drug at the site of absorption becomes less. Besides, the fact that the effectiveness of most drugs that contain adverse effects of obesity decrease in effectiveness after being used for a while means that patients should focus on developing tolerance and this has an impact on the recommended drug therapy (Wagner, 2018). For instance, a patient is believed to develop immune to most drugs after a continued use with no prompt cure. Hence, the patient would be advised to go for drugs that stand higher concentration throughout the entire process of Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics. 

The techniques of improving patients' drug therapy plans entail consistent therapeutic drug monitoring. Understanding the procedures for determining drug concentration and the safety of the patient at the time of excretion takes center stage. Besides, taking notes on the variations of drug concentration and variation in drug distribution determines the right drug therapy that suits the health needs of a patient (Prantil-Baun et al., 2018). Improving patients' drug therapeutic involves achieving the therapeutic concentration of the drug at the site of absorption. Hence, the need for effecting dose changes and the observation of the clinical effects of the prescribed drug defines the modalities of improving the patient's drug therapy plan. 

The reasoning behind making recommended improvement of engaging in a consistent drug concentration monitoring is to focus on patients' safety at the time of drug absorption and the time of excretion. For instance, upon the realization that the patient starts to tolerate the effect of the drug on his or her body or rather becomes immune to the drug then the recommendation of a drug with a higher intensity would boost the health status of a patient by a significant margin (Bak et al., 2017). Drugs with higher intensity prove quite effective based on the fact that they stand high concentration throughout the processes of Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics. 


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