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Personal Leadership Profile

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Analysis of noteworthy items pertaining to transactional leadership 

Under the transactional leadership theory, the analysis of my leadership abilities is based on my routine of needing to manage the performance of the individuals and facilitate the performance of the group. As a leader, I focus on delivering the expected results from the group performance. I tend to focus on supervision, organization, and performance from the team members to achieve the required results. However, I do not promote compliance by the followers using the reward and punishment systems as it is in the transactional leadership theory. Even though I like to supervise and manage the group to work towards the results, I tend to use influence rather than punishment and rewards. I also focus on increasing the efficiency of the set procedures as well as the efficiency of the group members to increase their productivity. Also, I prefer to follow the rules of the organization while managing workers to achieve the targeted outcome. 

Analysis of noteworthy items pertaining to transformational leadership 

Based on the transformational style, I can enhance morale among the team members while at the same time motivating and inspiring them to work towards the goals of the organization. I believe in focusing on the vision of the organization and inspiring workers to join the dream by instilling a sense of purpose in them. My biggest element in this style of this leadership is inspirational. I can always motivate my team members and appreciate them for the work well done. I also treat them with respect and value them. I take new ideas from the team members so that the vision of the organization can be realized. Transformational leadership style is based on the ability of the leader to transform the organization by inspiring the team members to be motivated and work towards meeting the goals of the organization (Dye, 2017). A transformational leader motivates the followers and influences them to work towards the achievement of the goals of the organization. It also involves accepting the opinion of others while making decisions. 

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Analysis of noteworthy items pertaining to Servant Leadership 

My analysis as a leader based on servant leadership style is that I always have the inspiration to lead and the feeling of serving others. As a leader, it always starts with myself having the urge to serve others. The characteristics of a servant leader include being a listener, showing empathy, foresight, and commitment to the growth of people (Bass, 2004). As a leader, I am a good listener, and I like to listen to what my team members have to say before making a decision. Before making any decision, I have to communicate and listen to the opinions of everyone consider them. At the same time, my servant leadership ability is visible in commitment to the growth of people and having foresight. I am happy to see every person grow and I support activities that can lead to the development of my team members. However, I am not as empathetic as required of a servant leader. 

Personal Leadership Legacy 

Without further growth and development: My leadership legacy today 

My leadership legacy today is having inspired and motivated my team members to understand a clear purpose and vision and work towards that vision. Achievement of the goals of the organization requires that employees are given a direction and a clear purpose for the vision communicated to them. This is then followed by motivating and inspiring them to work towards this goal for the better future of the organization. When goals are met because of the motivation that employees received from the leader, it leaves a legacy. 

Specific strengths: Projected personal and organizational achievements. 

At the personal level, my leadership strength is honesty and integrity. I always believe in telling the truth and getting the exact facts in every matter that I deal with at every stage of my daily activities. At the organizational level, my leadership strength is being inspirational. I always aim at inspiring others and making them motivated to work towards the goals of the organization. Inspiring the team members is a great strength of a leader as it leads to the accomplishment of the tasks as expected from the followers. 

My Future Leadership Legacy 

With further growth and development: My refined leadership legacy. 

After further development and growth of my leadership skills and abilities, my future leadership legacy will be empowerment and development of people. After further development and growth, I will be able to add more skills to my leadership abilities, and this will make me empower people by delegating duties to them while at the same time developing them to become future leaders. With this, I will be able to help the organization achieve its goals by empowering a team of employees to make them more knowledgeable and experienced in their work. 

Addressing specific weaknesses: Projected personal and organizational achievements. 

Some of my weaknesses as a leader are lack of empathy and confidence. An effective leader is expected to show confidence so that the followers can believe in the commands (Olden, 2015). However, I am always not confident with myself, and this has been my weakness both at personal and organizational level. Once I improve on this weakness, I will be able to influence my followers to work towards the goals of the organization. Also, I do not show empathy for others because I do not make any connection to understand their emotions. Improving on this will be one of the major steps towards improving my leadership abilities and skills. 


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