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Personal Statement for College

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Growing up in the inner city especially as a first-generation African-American is very challenging mainly because of poverty that makes every aspect of life difficult. These are neighborhoods with poor services and most of all, attaining a decent education is very low due to high rates of dropout. Additionally, the public school systems in this neighborhood do not lay emphasis on The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs perhaps because of the stereotype that African-Americans are weak academically and therefore, not fit for such subjects. Despite all these, I have always been determined since being a kid, to sail through these turbulent waters and pursue my academics to the fullest with an interest in science and math and later pursue an engineering course. This serves as my greatest motivation for pursuing graduate school since I want my childhood dream to come true, excelling in an area that is believed to a preserve of the elites. I am seeking an admission to pursue a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Because of the underlying issues in the public school system in my neighborhood, I ended up pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration specializing in Finance which was contrary to my dream course. However, based on my growing interest that I have been able to nurture since my early years in high school, it was logical that I pursue further education in what my heart has desired over years, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Reflecting on my academic background, I believe that I am fit for an Engineering course since, in high school, I excelled in Sciences, especially Chemistry and Physics in addition to Mathematics. The fact that Sciences and Mathematics are the core subjects to qualify as a successful Electrical and Computer Engineer is well illustrated by Barrett (2004) since they lay a critical foundation for future studies and training. I have also taken part in various events involving key concepts in science including science fair. To further lay my firm foundation, i n high school, I took all the possible Science and Math classes as defined in the school curriculum especially those that I believed would be essential in growing my interest in engineering. In addition to this, I was an active member of the school’s science club. 

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Focusing on my research interest, I have been able to work with computers from my tender age. For instance, I tried to build my first ever computer while I was at a junior high. Additionally, I took part in the process of setting up and managing my high school's computer network. I have also successfully set up my personal networks in my room where I to operate various computing functions like sharing information over the internet or local area network within our home. I have been able to develop my proficiency in various programs and programming languages including, HTML, Pascal, and MATLAB. In addition to this, I have also been working with various computers for years including the personal computer, super computers meant for the government and even networked based computers. My interest in electrical engineering emerged from the profound love I had for electricity and more specifically on its transmission over the long distances in addition to its conversion into various energy forms. My A level in mathematics and science has aided in the development of my analytic and even problem-solving skills. With this skills, I believe that I am in a better position to face challenges in the field of electrical and computer engineering. 

My relevant professional experience began years back while working at Verizon Company. Upon landing a job at Verizon in the engineering department, I had the rare opportunity to be exposed to a range of engineering tasks that I believed played a significant role in terms of reinforcing and further solidifying my interest in engineering. I also had the opportunity to interact with the staff from the various engineering department, and this interaction was highly enjoyable and very enlightening. Working at Verizon was actually an advantage for me since it turned my life around as it offered new and unique perspective in the engineering world. I was able to come up with the rare idea of prototype development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Throughout this project development, I learned and gained experience in Computer Networks in addition to Embedded System. The core challenge in the prototype development was working with the rest of the employees since because doing prototyping is near to impossible hence teamwork will play a significant role (Cernan, 2001). Within the realms of engineering, I was able to develop a unique and special interest in electrical and computer technology . Through t he skills, I acquired during my work experience at Verizon. I believe I am better-equipped and an all rounded, ready to handle the challenges in the field of engineering . Therefore, I can confidently state that my interest in the field of engineering has for long proven very rewarding. 

Focusing on my career goals, I seek to pursue masters in electrical and computer engineering which has always been my most desirable field based on my interests and capabilities. Upon completion of my master’s degree, my intent is to secure my dream job. As stated by Bottoms & Nysse (1999), securing a dream job is one of the essential achievements of every student upon completing school. I intend to work in the field of research and development where I believe I would be able to make a great contribution using my technical and theoretical background and creativity as an engineer in the field of electrical and computer engineering. It is my desire that I secure a job within this industry to enhance further the engineering knowledge I acquired at school with practical engineering encounters. Lastly, I hope to initiate my own engineering firm one day and actively take part and contribute towards solving problems using my engineering skills and knowledge. 


Barrett, S. M. (2004). Implementation studies: time for a revival? Personal reflections on 20 years of implementation studies. Public administration , 82 (2), 249-262. 

Bottoms, B. L., & Nysse, K. L. (1999). Applying to graduate school: Writing a compelling personal statement. Eye on Psi Chi , 4 (1), 20-22. 

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