18 Jul 2022


Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

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The objective of this lesson plan is to teach students how to add or interchange individual sounds within one syllable words. The will the students to learn new words and new pronunciations. The use of CVC word charts and picture cards is significant since it strengthens the learning process of students who are dominantly visual learners. The use of music has an additional advantage of keeping the students engaged as well as enhancing their concentration. 

The use of the game that mimics musical chairs further boosts concentration by ensuring that each and every student becomes an active participant in the lesson sessions. The students reading the CVC words out loud will help the teacher evaluate them for progress. It will also help the student to differentiate different sounds by listening as they as are they spoken out and later speaking them out loud as well. The first pronunciation of the three parts or phoneme, as in consonant-vowel-consonant, reading is very vital. It will set the foundation for the student by enhancing reading or pronunciation of different words (Schaars et al., 2017). 

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The initial readings will act as a guide to the teacher in identifying struggling students from those who are on track or on an advanced learning. The use of silly word mats for advanced learners will boost phonemic awareness and accelerate learning. Use of single cards with the individual letter will help struggling learners to get up to speed with their classmates. The final part of the lesson plan that entails students filling in blanks in the writing chart will be an accurate evaluation tool for gauging the attainment of the set goals. Further repeating of the above exercise using different vowels and different first words will ensure that the student gets to learn new sounds and new words. Homework assignments with similar instructions will reinforce the process of absorbing phonetic awareness (Henbest, 2017). 


Henbest, V. S. (2017). Small Group Reading Instruction: Activities for Teaching Phonemic Awareness, the Alphabetic Principle, and Phonics in a Tier 2 Setting. Perspectives of the Asha Special Interest Groups, 2, 1, 78. 

Schaars, M. M. H., Segers, E., & Verhoeven, L. ( 2017). Word decoding development in incremental phonics instruction in a transparent orthography. Reading and Writing : an Interdisciplinary Journal, 30, 7, 1529-1550. 

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