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Suggestopedia Learning Method Analysis

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The video is an explanation of the suggestopedia, and this is a learning method that’s used in classrooms, particularly in those ones in which students are taking English as their second language. This method is teacher controlled, empowering the teacher to act not only as the only source of authority within the classroom, but also as a real partner to the students. The teacher in this video participates in activities that are geared towards helping the students with their learning. The teacher uses a lot of techniques in her lesson, entirely for purposes of the acquisition of methodology. The teacher in this video is creative, as she brings a lot of teaching aids into her classroom. These include a bed, a kettle for making coffee, and a cup among others. The teacher is well aware that having enough teaching aids in class will help her with the effective delivery of her messages to the students. Thusly, she chooses she opts only for methods of instruction that are appropriate with regards to the transfer of knowledge to the students. 

The first thing to notice in the demonstration is the atmosphere which the teacher seeks to create with her music and as well, with the posters that are hung in front of the classroom. Learning is encouraged to take place in a pleasant and comfortable environment. The teacher is heard speaking in a soft, friendly tone and this does not scare the students but rather, makes the learning environment more conducive for them. The friendly teacher's tone helps the students feel more confident in the classroom, enhancing their experience of the learning process. Students who might be having difficulties with acquiring English as their second language, especially due to their fear of the same, are likely to also feel at ease. 

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In addition, the teacher, going by the words that she uses, aims to activate the learner's imagination. This helps the students to approach education from a creative point of view. The teacher in the video acts out the reading, and the background is musically accompanied, which helps the students to sustain their concentration. In turn, this helps them with the conceptualization of any conveyed ideas. The teacher cultivates the student’s motivation so that they may increase their memorization ability, respectful to learning. 

Communication takes place on two planes, and learning is enhanced with the unification of these two planes. Students, in most circumstances, are doubtful of their own ability to grasp new languages. It takes constant encouragement from the teaching community for such like students to build up their confidence. In this video, the teacher gives out her written lesson to each student, and together, they read out loud the words written in the paper. This method is a key influencer of the students’ confidence in their personal abilities, and this largely owes to its practicality. In this way, any students who tend to forget their classwork easily get to memorize new vocabularies. Additionally, this strategy urges the instructor to be innovative and to utilize powerful techniques for teaching. 

Different students apply themselves differently to the learning process, in a manner that best suits their conceptualization of classwork. In the suggested video, the teacher uses the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning style. She makes constant movements around the classroom, and provides further explanation of her messages with her body language. This is considerate of and as well, helpful to the students who relate more favorably to the visual style of learning. These students, for example, are quite unlikely to forget that when Sarah wakes up, she stretches herself, then makes herself a cup of coffee; a scene which the teacher demonstrates, step by step. Conversely, and with regards to the students who deploy the auditory learning style to their education, the teacher in the course of her verbal lecture, is very keen with the manner in which she pronounces her words and talks. On their part, the students who learn through kinesthetic are to remember things by doing and touching them. They learn best through exploring the environment around them. The teacher in this video meets all of the three learning styles and is, as a matter of fact, a very experienced teacher. 

The teacher’s methods of instruction are characteristically unique, and these include the use of soft classical music amidst the learning process. This music, for it plays in the course of the learning process, helps student not just with their relaxation, but also with their absorption of new ideas and with their retention of relatively older ones. The teacher also audibly tells her students to relax and instead, to imagine themselves outside of the classroom setting. Furthermore and in relation to the creation of a more relaxed state of mind on the part of the students, she ensures them access to comfortable chairs. In regard to the same, she initiates interactions with all of her students, throughout her session. 

The teacher encourages the students to, in as much as is possible, try to be childlike whilst learning, as this helps with their correct memorization and remembrance of words. The teacher encourages the students to act out every word and as well, to severally repeat these very words, as this also helps them with the remembrance of words. Meanwhile, she makes sure to correct any linguistic errors in a manner that’s soft and gently, and this avoids the demoralization of her students. Students are put in situational exercises that are complexly systematic with regards to the target language. This brings with it a positive effect on the development of their abilities to communicate efficiently. The teacher helps students with the rereading of the materials given to them before the end of the lesson, additionally, giving them some homework, ensuring that they continuously practice any of the concepts which they shall have learnt in class. 

In conclusion, suggestopedia accelerates the process of learning of languages, seeing as it is a teaching method that’s is learner-centered. The key determinants of the efficiency of teaching in turn, highly depend on the teacher, relative to her preferred modes of instruction. Suggestopedia gives a significant experience of the power of cognizance; this makes teaching methods enjoyable such that, the students feel comfortable of their abilities to learn. Suggestopedia is thusly, well known for helping students to overcome the barriers to their learning. 

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