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Personal Strategic Management Project

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I exist to achieve greatest possible things for myself and my loved ones, make a positive change in the society around me and do it all in the right way. Achievement is a process with an infinite scope and can result to mighty things that positively change the world or mighty things that positively change just a few lives. I do not intend to put a limit to my achievement at a maximum or minimum in terms of impact. Instead, I will set a maximum target in terms of effort in that I will always endeavor to do my very best at all time in spite of the material value of the project I am working on. The second aspect is a positive change and takes the shape of a personal version of corporate social responsibility. It entails seeking to ensure that in all my projects and endeavors, I go the extra mile for the sake of fellow man. The final component is doing things right and entails ensuring adherence to all applicable laws, ethics, rules and regulations. 

I believe in social justice and the obligation of every man to what is right for the community, even as he does what is right to the self. This core value informs all the three aspects of my purpose in life. Doing what is right for fellow man entails ensuring that my personal profit does not result in greed or selfishness. Getting rich and achieving much is all well but it should not be done at the expense of fellow man. It is also as an integral part of this core value that I have included ethics as part of what I will adhere to. I also believe in a balance between work and family. This is why I have indicated achievement for myself and loved ones in my vision statement. I do not intent to sacrifice family for achievement but rather make family efforts part and parcel of achievement. 

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Stakeholder Identification 

My principle stakeholder is myself. Other stakeholders include my family, my community, my country, my future employers and finally my future employees and beneficiaries. 

I hold myself responsible for my destiny and expect myself to pursue my vision without short circuiting it in any way. My family expects me to be the best version of myself and make them proud. They also expect me to support them socially, emotionally and financially as and when it becomes necessary. My community expects me to have a positive not negative inference to it. In the ups and down of life, my community anticipates that I will be part of the solutions to the problems that come up, not make fellow members of the community keep looking for solutions for the problems I create. My country expects me to obey all laws and act in accordance with national and public policy as and when set. My future employers and employees expect professionalism. 

From my family and community, I expect support while from the government I expect a stable political environment, fair laws, and security. From my future employers, I expect the opportunity to do my best and continually better my best through growth. To my future employees and beneficiaries, I expect commitment and good faith. 

I intend to create value for my stakeholders by breaking down my vision into a mission with practical goals then achieving those goals in a systematic fashion. 

I expect potential conflict between work and family as both require a total commitment to quality and quantity. I intend to solve this by trying to maintain a balance between the two as well as setting clear rules to enforce this balance. 

My mission statement is: to attain the epitome of achievement capacity in the right manner while being fair to all my stakeholders 

Opportunity Identification – Environmental Analysis 

Among the most influential forces of change in the world is information technology which has resulted in increased and enhanced globalization. The second most influential force in the world is continued change through innovation, applicable both to products and to systems. The third most influential force of change in the world is extreme capitalism with the corporate sector becoming more powerful that government and the focus of all decisions being revenue in general and profits in particular. 

Among the influential forces that will definitely create a challenge to my values and belief is extreme capitalism in general and its resultant extreme competition. The commercial world has become so competitive that excellence has become a survival tactic not a means to flourish. To achieve excellence, many entrepreneurs are cutting corners and flouting rules with abandon. This does not just make those clearly adhering to the rules at a disadvantage but also at the risk of collapse. When faced with critical decisions, adhering to ethics in the face of extreme capitalistic competition will be a major challenge. 

Innovation provides me with the possibility to achieve greatness while globalization provides an infinite playfield to achieve the greatness in. The largest corporations in America today are not the oldest. Alphabet and Apple are only a few decades old yet they dominate the American economy. They simply involve an innovative product, innovative corporate management, and innovative marketing regimens. Further, Apple and Alphabet found a way to take their innovations to the whole world by harnessing information technology. Innovation and globalization create infinite opportunities for me. 

To adapt to these changes, I need to understand them then harness them. Studying is the beginning of understanding but does not create the kind of knowledge necessary to harness these agents of change. Instead, study enables the creation of an internalized empirical process of the synthesis of knowledge. Synthesized knowledge then becomes a power to enable me to avoid the adversities created by the changes while at the same time riding on the same changes towards success. 

IV. Core Competency Identification 

I am never the most intelligent person in the room but my ability for rational thought is better than most. This is most applicable under a crisis or under situations where most people panic or give up. I am able to compartmentalize and focus on what is most expedient constructively thus able to come up with solutions. 

These strengths have market value more so in leadership. Power without control is a liability, not an asset and in many cases, the power held by organizations become a liability to them in times of crisis. Organizations, therefore, will need individuals who will keep their cool under intense pressure and guide the panicking team. 

These strengths will help me achieve my purpose by eventually catapulting me to leadership. They will also help my core value by enabling me to make the right decisions at the right time. My key stakeholders are my family and my future employees and both will reap great benefit from the right decisions made through this strengths. 

One of the things that I need to improve on is focus and consistency. Under pressure, my mind finds great focus towards the expected end and am able to achieve a lot in a very short time. However, when there is no pressure, am I get easily distracted and lack consistency. I need to consciously work on this. 

The first step in solving a weakness is admitting its existence, which step I have already taken. The second step is specific to the weakness and in this case, involves character change. I can achieve this change through consciously reminding myself of the weakness, watching out for its emergence and consciously avoiding this emergence as and when it appears. I believe I have what it takes to change this. 

My competitive advantage is thriving in a crisis. I can leverage this through career choices by picking career options that expose organizations where the need for contingencies arises often. This will enable to transform my competitive advantage into both an indispensability complex as well as a growth opportunity. 

V. Life and Career Strategies 

Career Strategies 

I would want to work in an organization that deals in amenities, has a global scope within its supply chain and embraces innovation in its products, production systems, and management systems. Further, the organization must have corporate values that uphold strict adherence to ethics and being a good corporate citizen through inter alia social justice. 

Working in an amenity-based organization will make my professional efforts also amount to efforts to serve the community. An organization with positive corporate values will ensure that I do not have to sacrifice my personal values for my work or have to choose between personal values and employment. 

I have been working very hard at my studies yet paying tuition instead of getting remunerated. Similarly, to get my career started, I am willing to spend instead of earn as a volunteer. I will then work so hard, right and smart that I will get noticed either by the leadership of the organization I will be volunteering in or a member of their supply chain. In this way, I will find not just employment but good employment terms too. 

Five years after graduation, I would want to be in mid-level management in an organization with a global reach. Ten years later, I will either be approaching the advent of top management in a global organization or commence a high potential startup. In twenty years, I will either be in top level management of running a very successful organization. 

To progress in my career, I need to keep on continually improving my empirical knowledge synthesis system. This is achieved through both higher education and continuous practical learning. The second strategy is always doing my best in everything I do, with best taking the meaning of working hard, working smart and working right. The final strategy is making informed career decisions as and when t he situation arises. My personal values and beliefs as outlined above fit well with this values. 

The rapidly changing world can be a positive, not negative factor when well understood and harnessed and indicated above. Advancing education is only part of the personal improvement needed to harness the changing world. Anticipating changes and developing innovative ways to adapt to it can transform change from a liability to an asset. 

Life Strategies 

The other key stakeholders in my life are my family. The value they need most from my life is a relationship . This takes quantity, in the form of the time spent with then and quality in how the relationship impacts their life. Material support is also inclusive. 

Initially, family only includes siblings and parents with siblings including age-mate members of my extended family and parents including their parents. With time, this will change to include a spouse and perchance some children. At this stage, more quantity and quality will be needed in the relationship as well as more material support. 

These key stakeholders entail a paradox and definitely a recipe for conflict. The need for more material support creates a need for more focus on a career yet comes contemporaneously with the need for more time and better quality relationship. Further, my intended career involves a global scope and management which will include traveling, high-stress levels and extreme schedules. Discipline and balance will be necessary but not always sufficient. 

Change is inevitable and not always positive. In many cases, adjusting to change creates conflict. Positive changes in social life normally adversely affect career while positive career changes normally adversely affect social relationships. A balance must be made regarding which changes to embrace or reject. This process takes prioritization and compartmentalization. 

A fuller life is a relative term so is satisfaction. It is, however, unfortunate to pursue career goals so much that I forget to live my life hoping to one day live it upon reaching career zenith which in most cases never comes. As repeatedly indicated, balance and discipline are important and further, not all positive change ought to be embraced. A will gladly sacrifice good career opportunities that obliterate social life. 

I would want to have a life partner because as aforesaid, I want to have a social life outside my career. I would want a spouse who has a career focus too because an idle spouse will result in too much work-family conflict. I would prefer a spouse with a vision and mission who I will support and get support from in life professionally and socially. 


The best measure of success is setting targets then evaluating performance based on these targets. The targets must have substance and timelines. A proper understanding of key stakeholders and their respective expectation is necessary for the setting up of the targets. These targets will then be balanced based on prioritization and practicability. Using the timelines for the targets, monitoring and evaluation will be made possible. 

I believe that my business studies have enabled me to understand stakeholders, be they human, or corporate. I will harness this understanding to anticipate the needs, requirements, and expectations of stakeholders in my life. Business studies will not just make me a good entrepreneur but also a good spouse, parent, sibling and friend. 

Stakeholders vary and in this variance lies differences in the nature of the relationship and the expectations arising therefrom. The more key a stakeholder, the higher the expectation and therefore the shorter the period between monitoring. An employer, a spouse and possibly children are the top the stakeholders and evaluation ought to be done at most on a weekly basis on fundamental issues. Less key stakeholders such as the community and the government can have evaluation systems that are reluctant enough to be done quarterly. 

Whatever journey I will be passing through in life has been passed through successfully by someone. Even those who failed get important lives lessons for their failure. Through learning for Sumerians, the world has been saved having to re-invent the wheel for 3500 years but has continued to adjust the design and change its uses. I will not allow people to decide for me but I will allow myself to be advised. To get advice without allowing people to decide for me will require me to establish at least two individuals who have a contrary opinion about subjects, hear them out and make an informed decision. 

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