3 Jan 2023


Political Campaign Communication: Inside and Out

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Democratic Idealism refers to academic views in which political ethics are based while campaign pragmatism is the measure of value for consultants. The theories behind perfect democracy are established from the knowledge of freedom of speech and the capability of the truth to overshadow an argument and turn out to be victorious. The individuals who present the most exceptional argument triumph. Employment of unprincipled schemes by prospects erode that principle, hence fabricating a circumstance in which the cheekiest and smartest candidates gain victory. 

Non-theoretical democracy is established on the principle of interaction with the voters — those who speak up the best present the most primal chances of being victorious. According to consultants, winning can be achieved by presenting a charming argument to the voters and presenting honest opinions to them. In addition to that, candidates can turn out victorious through rhetorical superiority. That means that a candidate who explains his or her side of the story in a more convincing way than another contestant is more likely to turn out victorious. In this case, also, fraudulent practices compromise the two principles. 

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Educational objectives of the supremacy of the truth are based on the speculation of unbarred and non-discriminatory debate of purposes. From the consultants’ point of view, unfairness is satisfactory and ethical behavioral conduct. A considerable number of campaign strategies have inadequate funds, exposure to the media or a brand name to properly introduce their side of the argument. For the educated population, unfairness in the distribution of resources means that there is bias in the representation of parties by the media. Conversely, specialist view this as a lack of justification to the said parties. 

The educated population presents its fears when it comes to the deceitful performances of campaigning parties. They are worried that it may result in the election of uncertified leaders into office, thus leading to failed governances. 


Powell, L., & Cowart, J. (2017).  Political campaign communication: Inside and out . Routledge. 

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