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Professional Athletes and Corrections: Aaron Hernandez

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People break the law by engaging in activities that disturb the peace of others. Lawbreakers are punished in different ways that include death, fines, confinement and so forth ( Fox, 1983) . Correctional facilities have existed for a long time now as lawbreakers are locked away from the rest of the society as a punishment for the offense they committed. On this essay, we discuss the purpose of the corrections system and how people who are well known in society are treated in the prisons. 

Correctional facilities serve the purpose of confinement and social isolation of the lawbreakers from the society ( Kifer, Hemmens & Stohr, 2003) . Prisons confine sentenced individuals in a place where they cannot mix with the rest of society. The aim is to isolate the offender from disturbing the peace, stability, cohesion, and organization of the society. Correction systems also provide rehabilitation to the lawbreakers. Rehabilitation are activities designed to help change the mind, attitude with the aim of changing a criminal into a law-abiding system ( Reasons & Kaplan, 1975) . In prison, their activities such as counseling, advice and therapy and physical activities that keep inmates occupied. 

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Correctional facilities are used for deterrence purposes. Prisons are used as a way of discouraging inmates and people thinking of coming crime from breaking the law. It serves as a warning that if anyone commits an offense, they are likely to return to prison ( MacCormick, 1950) . Prisons are also used for retribution meaning that they are punished for their crimes against society. Depriving the criminals of the rest of society as a way of paying for the mistakes they committed against innocent individuals. 

Prison life is a life of segregation and deprivation of some of the human rights such as freedom of movement and freedom of choice. On arrival to any correctional facility, the prisoners are stripped off, disinfected and searched to make sure that they do not smuggle illegal substance in prison and provided with a prison uniform. The prisoners are allocated a room which in most cases is an 8 by 6 feet that are fitted with a metal bed, a sink and a toilet and a tray. In this room, it is where the prisoners spend most of their life, locked away. The prisoners are let out to walk, exercise and socialize. Regular checkups and roll calls are conducted to ensure that prisoners are not in possession of prohibited material and to ensure no one is missing. The prisoners are provided with for and materials to read. Some prisons allow supervised visitation by civilians. 

Aaron Hernandez 

In his early life, Hernandez came from a troubled background where her parents were in constant separation. In addition, Hernandez and his brother were abused by their alcoholic dad. He was also sexually abused while young. In Bristol Central High School, he became a professional footballer. His social life was marked with the use of drugs such as marijuana and drinking. From High school, he joined the University of Florida where he mastered the art of a professional footballer. He improved his football career and he earned All-American honors at the University of Florida where he was selected for NFL position by the New England Patriots ( Armstrong, 2015) . 

Despite the lucrative career as a professional footballer, Hernandez had trouble with the law. His criminal life led to his arrest. Before his success in football, he had a troubled past. In 2007, Hernandez was involved in a bar fight where he was punched the manager of a bar on the head. The police wanted to charge the incident but it was resolved out of court. In the following year (2008), Hernandez was wrongly accused to have been involved in a car shooting in Gainesville after leaving a night club. These activities did not affect his career as he was signed by New England Pilots. In 2012 Hernandez was awarded a new contract worth $40 million with New England Patriots. 

Unfortunately, his crime life led to his downfall. In 2013 he was found guilty of committing murder which when added to his past he was charged and locked up. In June 2013 the body of Odin Lloyd a semi-pro football player was found a mile from Hernandez house in an industrial park. The detectives quickly traced the evidence on Lloyd body back to Hernandez. Hernandez tried to hide evidence by destroying footage from his mansion and his cell phone. On the same month, Hernandez was arrested for first-degree murder and several firearm violations ( Solotaroff, 2013) . As a result, Patriots and corporate sponsors terminated Hernandez contracts. All the evidence collected from the crime scene and from Hernandez mansion pointed back to him ( Fantz, 2014) . In 2015, Hernandez was put on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd and he was found guilty of first-degree murder ( Armstrong, 2015) . In Massachusetts, the law eliminates the possibility of people charged with murder to have parole. 

Hernandez Life in Prison 

Hernandez life in prison was troubled. His life prison was marked by his ill behaviors as he had troubles in following the rules in prison. Hernandez was found creating weapons, blocking his cell preventing prison officers from accessing his room, getting into fist fights, using drugs and getting tattoos. In prison, however, he was pampered by the jail commissionary as they brought him packaged foods such as honey buns and cakes. Despite all the efforts to rehabilitate him. Hernandez was found hanging in his cell on April 19, 2017, and he was pronounced dead ( Taylor, 2017) . 


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