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Poor Dental Care in Adults

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Aspen Dental Offices in Florida is a practice that provides dental services in Royal Palm Beach as well as other parts of Florida. There are more than five hundred Aspen Dental offices in the U.S.A. The Aspen Dental office in Royal Beach is committed to providing that addresses both short term and long term oral health needs just like all other branches across the U.S.A. The company began in 1964 in New York and had gradually grown with offices being established across 20 states. The office in Royal Beach Florida was recently established in 2014 and offers a variety of dental services ranging from simple services like teeth cleaning to teeth checkup which are part of the routine care for the community’s oral hygiene. The also offer advanced dental services such as dental surgery to community members who require it. 

I conducted a study for Aspen Dental Office in Florida of the main target group being affected by poor oral hygiene so as to look for ways to assist them. The target group I focused on was adults aged 35 years and above who seem to be the most affected by poor oral hygiene. The reason why I chose this target group was because I noted that dental hygiene for adults is not being observed as much as it should be (Selwitz, Ismail & Pitts 2007). Most practices and advertisement insist on the importance of oral health for children, and not much is said about oral health in adults. Over the years, the proportion of older people continues to grow across the world. This has made cases of poor health among adults to increase. One of the reasons why cases of poor oral hygiene are prevalent in adults is because of the progressive nature of oral diseases. If untreated, the oral disease becomes worse with aging. Poor dental health is a risk factor for adults as it could decrease the quality of their lives in elderly years. Adults with poor oral hygiene also face health risks such as oral cancer, craniofacial pain and discomfort and other denture related conditions. It could also lead to increased expenses in cases where the affected has to undergo dental surgery. 

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According to my study, poor dental health in adults is prevalent due to oral health inequalities. Oral inequalities are as a result of factors such as ethnicity, gender, and poverty. Adults being affected by poor health are those who are economically disadvantaged and cannot afford regular dental checkups (Selwitz, Ismail & Pitts, 2007). According to a group of adults, I interviewed in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, feel that lowering dental services prices would greatly reduce the number of toothless adults. They also suggest free dental checkup forums for adults in the area from time to time. Other social factors that directly affect the oral health of older people are tobacco use and consumption of alcohol. 

There are many oral health determinants. One of them includes the level of education of the adults. If the adult population is well educated about the importance of good oral health, they may be keen on observing it and this reduces the risk of oral diseases. Another determinant is the lifestyle of the adult population. In most countries, adults tend to live alone. This brings feelings of loneliness and affects them psychologically and makes them neglect their health and wellbeing (Selwitz & Ismail & Pitts, 2007). They may, therefore, neglect to brush their teeth regularly and maintain a healthy diet which is a key determinant of good oral health. Others may turn to smoking and drinking which results in poor oral health. Older people also tend to experience financial difficulties after retirement. They may, therefore, neglect to go for regular dental checkups leading to poor oral health. Lastly, most adults tend to have poor attitudes towards oral hygiene which may deter them from visiting the dentist. 

My research will be used in a project by Aspen Dental Office in Florida plans to rectify the negligence of poor oral hygiene among the target group. From the research, various strategies will be used to improve the health of older people. Various programmes will be implemented which will implement active aging. This includes health, social participation, and security. General health is an important aspect of oral health. Social participation is important in educational dental health programmes. An educational dental health programme will be started which provides the people with all the knowledge they need to maintain dental health (Kay & Locker, 1996). Participation can be encouraged through free giveaways such as t-shirts, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Finally, when programmes cover the social, financial and physical security needs of people as they age, adults are assured of protection and health care even when they are unable to take care of themselves. 

The planning and development of this project have not been easy. There was a lot of financial costs incurred while conducting the research to set up the project. This cost includes travelling costs as well cost of accommodation as it was conducted in the whole of Florida. Navigation was also a problem as most of the affected target group live in rural areas where roads are poor, and there are no means of transport. Finally, it was hard interacting with the target group as adults tend to be more mistrusting and less friendly. They were, therefore, reluctant to be interviewed, and this made it hard to collect information. 

From my research, it is clear that the most affected people by adults and are identified in older people through tooth loss. The negative effects of poor oral health in adults is an important health issue which must be addressed by policymakers. Oral health programmes should be implemented widely across the globe, and this can be done by countries adopting strategies to improve oral health for the elderly. 


Kay, E. J., & Locker, D. (1996). Is dental health education effective? A systematic review of current evidence. Community dentistry and oral epidemiology , 24 (4), 231-235. 

Selwitz, R. H., Ismail, A. I., & Pitts, N. B. (2007). Dental caries. The Lancet , 369 (9555), 51-59. 

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