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Prestige or Trieste Soundboard

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The decision or recommendation on whether to buy a prestige or a Trieste soundboard for the technical group at the Coliseum. For the past few year, the group had to rent the soundboard from other well-established and prominent groups at the Coliseum which have become expensive to the team as it drains some big portion of its finances. Primarily, the rental cost of the soundtrack costs between $200 and $700 which is a significant sum and it depend on the time to the group will be in possession of the equipment. Moreover, the team has allocated some money in purchasing their soundboard, and they should seriously consider the move. The group can rent the soundboard to other groups, and it can generate income. The projection is that within three years the soundtrack will accumulate enough money similar to the purchase cost. The memo is a recommendation the best soundtrack the group should buy. 

Firstly, I would recommend the group buys the Trieste XS-2000 21-channel soundtrack. Having compared the Trieste and the Prestige 260 c4-cahnnel equipment, the Trieste is a better tool. Moreover, I have included the reviews of their individual who have used the two types of equipment, and they recommended that the group purchase the Trieste as it is efficient and the product is of high quality. 

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Further, the conclusion between the two equipment is that Trieste is the better. Primarily, the main features of comparison between the two soundboards were:




Features is the most critical component to look at before making the decision to purchase a soundtrack. The group is interested in a soundtrack that can provide 24 channels in 8 lines out. Primarily, the lines out are used for equalization and sound effect. The equipment that has more outs have better performance. The Trieste XS-2000 has an advantage over the Prestige TXS-260 because the Trieste soundtrack has eight lines out while the prestige equipment has only six lines out. Moreover, it is important that the group purchase the equipment that is of the best quality. 

Reliability is an important factor to consider when making the decision to buy a soundtrack. Both soundtracks are reputable, but when looking for a soundboard that has a maximum operating efficiency, Trieste has a better reliability. Review from experience people in the business such as Will Hodges suggested that Trieste has a better reliability that the Prestige equipment. The opinion from an experienced individual gave the recommendation to purchase the Trieste board an upper hand. Further, other people suggest that when the work with the Trieste has no problems will the speaker connection during a concert. However, most of the people suggested that the prestige soundboard had issues with reliability.

Cost is one of the most important factors an individual has to consider before making the decision to purchase a product or not. The prestige soundtrack is cheaper than the Trieste soundtrack. The prestige soundtrack goes for $2800 while the Trieste soundboard is going for 3600. However, the prestige equipment has a warranty for two years while the Trieste has a warranty for five years. Considering, the group has a budget of $3500 it would be wise that the add the remaining amount and purchase the Trieste soundboard as it has a longer warranty and it is of high quality. 

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