8 Jun 2022


Process Improvement Opportunities

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Documenting processes and the improvements made to them is vital for most businesses while enhancing the As-Is process. Most specialists record the As-Is process since its associated with numerous advantages for any particular organization. Recording can help Nissan Motor increase its long-term benefits. One of the primary benefits related to documentation of As-Is process is the reduction of ambiguity. Nissan motor can, therefore, be confident of their entire operations no matter how sophisticated they might appear. Working materials can also be provided by the documentation process (Neely et al., 1995). With proper documentation set up, procedure changes can be followed by different versions. This implies that Nissan motor will have the past 3 to 4 As-Is processes and their execution alongside the present system and implementation. They can, therefore, view them together and see what changes are creating what results. 

Effective competition with other firms can be possible if Nissan Motor reduces the amount of time it takes to deliver its products to the market. This can speed up the marketing process by improving the number of sales that Nissan motor will make. Most business experts refer to this as reduced lead time or cycle time. Delivering products on time in the market helps to maintain most customers’ trust. Nissan Motor has a section called Field Quality Center (FQC) (Neely et al., 1995). At this section, consumers can provide their comments on the products offered by the company. The issues encountered while driving Nissan vehicles are addressed here, and the company can improve the quality of their products based on the comments. Therefore, customers get an opportunity to provide their desired preferences, and the company can improve the quality of its products. 

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Efficient use of resources is also very essential for Nissan motor. Avoiding waste is important since this will reduce the firm’s total production cost. Nissan effectively advances measures taking into account the three Rs i.e. reduce, recycle and reuse in its creation processes. The fundamental point of the organization is to minimize the waste generated and boost reusing proficiency through exhaustive sorting of waste. Nissan motor has been developed so that various sub-gatherings stream into the last sequential construction system, which can run 24 hours a day with a progression of movements if required (Neely et al. , 1995). As the procedures are standardized, it becomes easy to deliver with most extreme effectiveness utilizing the proper strategies. Changes causing different results can, therefore, be identified, and the appropriate evaluation of the company’s performance is possible. The overall As-Is process that Nissan motor can adopt to ensure process improvement opportunities is shown below. 


Neely, A., Gregory, M., & Platts, K. (1995). Performance measurement system design: A literature review and research agenda. International Journal of Operations & Production Management , 15(4), p. 80-116. 

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