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Quaero: the history of speech processing technologies

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The speech processing technologies have experienced tremendous advancement over the years since the beginning of Quaero. Although the web existed when Quaero was established for the speech processing aspects, there were varied data and insufficient multimedia present web than we currently experience on the web. According to the author, despite the fact that the web is filled with numerous images, there are also numerous speech contents which have much information in the text than the in images and these speech contents can be converted to text; whereby these texts can provide future information on the various researches conducted. The audiovisual media has numerous applications like close captioning, media monitoring and media analysis. There are various technical challenges associated with speech processing technologies. The key challenge is that there exist numerous documents on speech, audio and text which are characterized by different background conditions, different speakers, and presentation in numerous languages, which affect the speech to text process. Another challenge of audio documents involves minimizing the time used and the development cost of the speech processing technologies. 

In order to ensure effective speech processing technology, we have to identify and understand the individuals in the speech, which is basically identifying the speaker ID, the various individuals in the speech and the language that is spoken. The language that is spoken in the speech or text is basically referred to as language recognition or language ID. For understanding the effective speech processing technology, we also need to compare how the various systems perform more than human beings. The speech processing technologies contain input of audio signals which are first and foremost divided into two groups; the speech and the nonspeech. The next step involves identifying the language used in the speech or the nonspeech work and identifying the person speaking in the document. It is also crucial to familiarize yourself with the punctuation and the process of translating the document. 

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The author also expounds more on Quaero with regards to annual technology development on the various technologies of speech processing. These involve language recognition, identifying the output of the system from the speech to text, and familiarizing oneself with the speaker idealization. Speech to text processing involves identifying whether there exists an insertion, deletion, substitution or mistake of a word. It also involves familiarizing oneself with the number of errors present in the document. Speaker idealization involves measuring idealization airways which involve measuring the various misses and false alarms. The author denotes more on the rule of thumb where a word airway, with regards to indexing, is good enough when it is less than thirty percent. For close captioning, many individuals prefer airway that is less than three percent and three to fifteen percent for translation. 

Can individuals minimize the difference in performance between human beings and systems? Can human beings establish effective applications with the current technologies and incorporate the various technologies despite the fact that they are imperfect? 

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