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Quality and Positivity in Performance Evaluation

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Performance evaluation in organizations is usually the core undertaking that ensures assessment of strength and weaknesses of employees to provide a framework for improvement. Companies that have mastered the art of effective employee evaluation and appraisal normally outperform their peers in service delivery thus higher revenues. Quality and maintenance of positivity have also emerged as strong factors in human resource management. Assessment and improvement of quality lead to more effective work process. Maintenance of positivity, on the other hand, helps employees focus on the brighter side making them more inclined to improve and accept both positive and negative feedback. There are techniques which when applied can lead to the increased positive and quality service among employees. 

Evaluation of quality involves different techniques encompassing different aspects of employee performance. These aspects can include the meeting of deadlines, the degree of customer satisfaction and the amount of error made by an employee. After evaluating these aspects, management can take the initiative of putting in place systems to improve performance in these areas. This can be done by coaching the employees on better time management methods, tailoring their strengths to coincide with specific customer needs and giving clear guidelines on tasks to reduce the error rate. Implementation of this technique will have great positive impact on the employee delivery of quality work in future. Positivity has also been found to have the same effects on employees. 

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The management can improve positive service by maintaining a positive tone its relationship with human resource. During performance evaluation, this can be done by focusing on the brighter side. When evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an employee, starting with the strengths, and appreciating the employee is paramount. This will enable the employee to maintain a positive outlook even when the weaknesses are presented. While discussing the weaknesses, putting emphasis on the room for improvement or recommending alternative tasks based on the skills of an employee should be considered. 

Insistence on quality has the effect of instilling in employees the need to deliver according to company standards or even better. Being positive to employees can also lead to them translating the positivity to customers leading to better experience. When these two are well implemented, there will be greater productivity at work and improvement of service. Management teams should strive to implement techniques meant to improve these two aspects of their interaction with the human resource. 

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