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Recognizing the Personal Leadership Style in Education

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There are several outcomes for the course. They include recognizing the personal leadership style in education, evaluating evidence-based teaching practice, and analyzing nursing teaching's institutional and practical goals. There has been an evolution of the nursing practice from four components to five (Peate, 2019). Learning that diagnosis is a vital component in the nursing profession from the course has made me achieve the outcome of applying curriculum and instructional designs. 

Leadership is very crucial in nursing practice and its application in several instances. The course has assisted in the determination of the most effective leadership style in the nursing practice. The style used in leadership varies depending on the individual and the situation at hand. The leadership guidance and support were from the preceptor who has a master’s in nursing. A leadership style that will increase patients' access to information will be the most appropriate (Griffith, Evans & Bor, 2017). The main aim will be to increase the knowledge and skills of individual patients. The outcomes of the practicum have not only provided me with information and guidance on how I can be of help to people. Instead, it has equally made me feel strong an confident in the nursing profession. 

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Evidence-based teaching practice will have to incorporate the concept of research. In a healthcare facility, collaboration with the nurses is a first-hand strategy that one can use to collect other nurses' opinions as data. It will create a joint agreement that will strengthen the outputs of an investigation as there will be uniformity in the agreement. The nurse will agree that we are living in uncertain times and the assignment will be of great importance in such moments. For instance, other physical disorders can contribute to the condition ("Anxiety and Depression Association of America," n.d.). Achieving an evidence-based teaching practice through research assists in creating an intervention that will consider all possibilities. 

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the course work required the use of several resources. The primary recourse is a podcast. Achieving the outcome of having appropriate clinical and instructional evaluation strategies is in connection with the resource. The podcast provides information on some of the technological advancements in dealing with anxiety. Other resources entail the exploration of Eric Kussin’s and STARR card program to teach the participants how to regulate their nostril breathing. A condition like heart-related problems is mainly connected with the emotional stress that causes anxiety (Huxter, 2016). But from the resource, some technologies can deal with heart disease and, in turn, reduce anxiety disorder. 

Berkley’s Anxiety Pre and Post questionnaire before starting the session was relevant in measuring the anxiety levels. The educational activity is vital for the improvement of quality. From comparing the anxiety level before and after meditation, the outcomes indicate a decrease. Most participants had a decrease in their anxiety level, and the level increased in a few individuals. Such is an example of evidence-based practice that indicated meditation being a solution to anxiety. The intervention's effectiveness arises from the brain's relaxation through the slow breathing in meditation (Explore Meditation & Jingo, 2018). The intervention can also work when the entire body is engaged and not just relaxing and taking a deep breath (Austen, n.d.). From such learning in the course work, I develop skills and knowledge to make the nursing profession more practical and enhance patients' healing process. 

In the course work, pre and post-test are one of the educational activity evaluation techniques. I learn from the technique that it is essential to know the level of effectiveness of intervention before and implementation. The anxiety level affects the population and their lively hood. Not only does meditation intervention take care of the physical but also the emotional well-being of individuals. Thus, for a change in process which will be effective to the patient and the community health I focus in the exploration of a meditation theme each week. The theme assists in the realization and identification of the signs that an individual is suffering from physical or emotional anxiety. 

The course helped achieve the outcome by having a much more powerful and confident leadership role in healthcare. An intervention like meditation is proven to be effective in the reduction of anxiety. But the focus should not only be on those whose anxiety level is reduced. There are those whose levels increase, and that was one of the unexpected outcomes. For such, the course suggests the incorporation of a strategy like altering the breathing of the participants. Eric Kussin’s STARR card on nostril breathing is the other educational activity that assists in quality improvement. An alteration in the nostril breathing is one way of re-energizing and can improve the outcome of the intervention ("Same Here Global," n.d.). Such is the right way of achieving the outcome of appraising the already existing and innovations to a nursing concern. Low income and education limit access to health care facilities (Gerdtham et al., 2016). But there are already strategies in place to deal with health concerns. But it is possible to still come up with new innovative strategies to deal with the situation. 


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