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Robert Redford Article

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According to Robert Redford, film schools are of significance. Filmmakers have the opportunity to be taught about the film making. However, filmmakers can make films that tell their stories and are more authentic through real-life experiences. Redford argues that the sole reliance on the content taught in film schools in film production makes the produced films lack uniqueness and a personal connection to the filmmaker. My reaction to Robert’s statement is that yes, indeed, real-life experiences are essential in film making. This is because they give the filmmaker a chance to tell his/her side of the story from their perspective. This translates to them having a sense of ownership for the film and thus producing films that connect to people and are unique to them. Consequently, besides basing their stories on content learned in film schools, young filmmakers should present stories connected to real-life experiences.

A scriptwriter’s personal experiences could inspire them to create a film with a personal touch and a connection with the intended audience. My personal experiences during my childhood could form a storyline for a short film. Growing up, I always admired my parents’ marriage; they were what you would call soul mates. She took up two jobs to support the family when my father lost his job. We were more than lucky to have her; we were a happy family. But all that changed in the summer of 2002. My father got an opportunity to work in another country. Being a far-off country, my parents saw it best that the rest of the family would be left behind while my father relocated. It was not much of a deal, as he would come home every weekend, and we would get to spend time with him. However, his visits started dwindling with time, and we got to see less and less of him. We would later find out that he had another family and that they were expecting their first child. The experience was quite distressing, especially for my mother, who later became sickly with depression and hypertension. 

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Sundance Institute. (2016, January 21).  Sundance film festival 2016: Day one press conference . YouTube.  https://youtu.be/NNiRrSd6bhI

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