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The analysis of “It Happened One Night” and "The African Queen"

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It Happened One Night

In the movie “It Happened One Night” we find many interesting episodes. What happened is that two strangers met on a bus one night and began an unpredicted adventure that brought them together. “It happened one night” transpires off the coast of New York and Miami, but most of all take place on the road amid these two places and at various encampments along the way. Two people had to leave their comfort zones behind in order to find themselves and each other. In the film, Capra explains that they are able to do this because they have moved and placed themselves from their familiar surroundings. When Ellie and Peter meet, they find themselves in a stake of ordeals. The two travelers will end up falling for each other. At the start of the movie, it seems like the two are incompatible halves, but later they form a whole by eliminating their differences. Capra combines suspense with narrative complications to find a resolution to the diverse backgrounds of the main actors. 

Peter is a haughty newspaperman who expends utmost of his time gambling, drinking alcohols, as well as chasing after women. He sees Ellie on a bus following tossing out newsprints out the bus. Peter himself, as a round character, makes rash decisions while we first meet him during the first episodes of the movie. He is under alcohol influence and talking to his employer to resign his job. This displays him as the less capable of taking care of himself leave alone them as a couple. We soon find out that he is very much capable of taking responsibility for many. His ways seem to irritate Ellie. She feels annoyed since she is usually treated with respect due to his father’s social-economic class. To develop the character, the directors of the film brings an interaction with other characters and portray his actions in different scenes. For instance, we see him in the bus drunk and later in love. When he is drunk he acts irresponsible but when in a relationship he acts responsibly. Peter appears to downplay her claim for special considerations and handles her like other people. Later on, Peter pulls himself up by deciding to pay attention to her after discovering his true identity. Peter also appears as a round character when at first he ignores Ellie but later pays attention and even falls in love with her. Ellie also displays traits of a round character by disliking irresponsible people but still accepting a drunken newspaper vendor for a lover. They both seem to maintain a round character thoughtout the play. 

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The protagonist, which is the lead character in the movie, is brought out by Peter’s stand in this movie by the unending resolution to the twists, turns, and obstacles throughout the play. Ellie’s father seems to bring out an anti-hero stand in the play through his unsympathetic protagonist stand. Ellie insurgents against her dad’s strict anticipations by leaving with Westley, a disreputable gold digger known for using rich women to get their wealth. Her dad comprehends the menaces of Westley. However, he is also displayed as an antagonist in this play. This is because as he fails to allow his daughter to make own decisions, and her reflex response is to insurgent against him. This scene in the play also seems to display Ellie’s character as an antagonist. To satisfy her own desires, she follows her heart rather than following his parent’s wills and stands. Elsewhere Andrews is also displayed as a protagonist character on the movie. To develop the plot and push the story, the film director also portrays Ellie’s father as a flat character. He is a person who capitalizes on personal gain without considering ethical or social outlooks. It ranges from using old women for their funds to preventing his daughter make personal decisions. 

The African Queen 

“ The African Queen” is a British American exploration film assumed from a novel of 1935 written by C, Forester. It displays many interesting formations. This is strictly a two-person film with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn directing the story and screen time. It is a pleasant classic movie because of those two well-known actors, a nice eroticism, a good adventure, and even some humor put into the mix. In the play, there seem to be these two main protagonists. Kathrine shows her protagonist trait by showing a high spirit as she endures through the heartbreaking episode of losing her brother through suicide. In this episode, a German machine appears and brutally starts torching the small straw hut village. Later on, she meets Humphrey as Mr. Charlie, who is a captain of the boat. The latter, is crusty, and unshaven buries Rev. Sayer and takes Rose to the African queen. There develops a romance between the two. Their activities promptly show how well involved in the movies and significantly influences the flow and transition in the movie. A combination of suspense and complication in the starting episode brings out a round character figure from both of them and mostly on Rose as she well seems to adjust from losing her brother to joining Mr. Charlie in a suspenseful relationship. Rose’s protagonist character seems to influence Mr. Charlie on making a decision to go south and sink the Louisa. Rose thinks Mr. Charlie is worthless coward weak to be a leader. Although it is impossible, Mr. Charlie agrees to tail her suggestion depicting him as high on the spirit. 

The two characters seem to clearly bring out an antagonist character via their relentless efforts to contest againist the German navy. As the two strangers navigate down Ulanga River like the great mapmakers before them, they are determined to sink the Louisa. Rose is captivated by Mr. Charlie’s aptitudes and regards his seamanship and how he competently circumnavigates past the risky rocks. They move from situations of discouragements to situations of hope and determination, which happens throughout the movie. Their antagonist character is brought out by their unending urge to sink the Louisa even after their boat; the African queen was dead struck in mucky swamp water. 

Louisa captain seems to be a flat character in this movie. He does not seem to change much in this movie. When the German capture Mr. Charlie, they interrogated him. The German captain continually ends each question with the menace of death and hanging to Mr. Charlie, who is depressed and hopeless. He responds to each question and threat of death with a hopeless sigh of, who cares! .The Germany anti-hero character is brought out by his cunning and unwilling transition through this episode. The dipped African Queen was hit by the Louisa leading to the explosion of Louisa. Charlie and Rose realizes themselves while swimming and their Louisa is gone. 

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