2 Jun 2022


Role Managers Take in Organizations

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Managers play a significant role in organizations by enhancing effective management and leadership skills essential for planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing all the activities of the firm. Many businesses need transformation in the contemporary world, and therefore, the company managers must use their critical ability to ensure the business goals and competitive advantages are achieved. Successful managers use their interpersonal skills or ability to enable effective leadership, management, and performance in their firms. 

The transformation of any company or enterprise solely depends on the managers' interpersonal skills or ability and therefore, there is the need to for their implementations. Interpersonal skills are goal-oriented and lead to successful management performance. Since successful management performance is manager's key role in the organization, they had multifaceted and tailored it to the employees based on their job positions and functions. Performance management requires personal objectives implemented about the company goals. The interpersonal skills help the managers to have understanding and vision the management strategy ideal for the team. With the interpersonal relationships, managers use various management processes to help the company achieve its aims. Procedures such as employees coaching and performance evaluation will assist the management team to shape the firm's performance. 

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Moreover, there exist various managerial responsibilities that are addressed with the interpersonal skills. The managers must understand and manage stress in the workplace because it can impose a detrimental effect to an individual thinking. They must be in a position to negotiate, persuade and influence the employees to offer quality services to the customers. Also, the managers must enhance and anticipate emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and mediation skills to help the company meet its set objectives. 



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