24 Mar 2022


Service Positioning versus Product Process

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In any business entity, goods and services produced hold partly similar or different chain processes used to create them. It further turns into a behavior in which products develop a life cycle which revolves around the product processing or service positioning approach. The two methods have progressively had an immense influence on various firms that integrate one of the models within their business field. Nonetheless, both entities, service positioning and product process, have substantial similarities and differences amongst one another. 

The main feature that gives them enormous resemblance is that they are both methods used to understand the relationship between product characteristics for goods and services and process choices decision. Service positioning and product process give industries an outlining guideline with which they evaluate the business progress and risks that emerge in the event of working beyond the required range. Nevertheless, on the other side, the product process matrix was proposed by Hayes and wheelwright in 1979. It focused on the alignment process choice of the features of the goods manufactured. Roger Schmenner developed the service positioning model in 1986. It examines the mode of classifying action based on the characteristics of a single firm’s service process. It transfers well to service business and operations than product process (Collier, & Evans, 2010).

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When examining the current business environment, the service positioning matrix has impacted positively in the rebranding of various firms. In 2008, Apple introduced a redesigned line of the MacBook’s composing of a unibody enclosure milled from the extruded aluminum block. It aimed at making the product more unique that satisfy customer requirements. It upheld recycling of materials. The limitation revolved around the increased expense of milling the aluminum sheets that undergoes 13 separate milling processes. On the product process matrix, Becton Dickson a leading producer of needles for the medical sector used the model change from larger old factories with inflexible manufacturing systems. It helped him accommodate the high volume of production that was safe for use by workers. It aided the company to hold and grow its market share in a competitive industry (Collier, & Evans, 2010). 

Nevertheless, both matrixes have some degree of uniqueness in ensuring consumer needs are addressed. For the product process pattern, making sure technical standards of machines are high helped translate to client’s preferences of goods desired. The service positioning matrix on the other hand maintenance of less repeatability approach aims to uphold good customization and flexibility within the system which is beneficial delivering customer services.


Collier, D. A. & Evans, J. R. (2010). Chapter 7 Process selection, design and analysis. In OM3 (pp. 124-145). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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