20 Aug 2022


Similarities and Differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

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Both religions believes that death is a cycle of life whereby, when a person dies, they are reborn in another life. The reincarnation belief holds that a soul lives infinitely through the cycle of death and rebirth. 

Both religions believes in karma. This means that the way a person carries themselves while alive, determined their fate in rebirth. If one was a good person, they will be reborn with a good life but if one led a bad life, they would have a miserable life in rebirth. 

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Both religions believes that a person can be reborn as a person or an animal in the afterlife. This is mainly if a person behaved inhumane in their previous life or failed to learn lesson. In human form. 


Buddhism believes that rebirth happens immediately after death. This is also the case with some Hinduism. However, some Hinduism believes that after death, one can enter swarg or narak for a period before rebirth. 

Hinduism believes that hat one can attain moksha and enjoy reunion with God while Buddhism emphasizes on suffering in the current human form to leave a blissful afterlife. 

Are Buddhism and jnana marga Hinduism a form of atheism? 

Buddhism does believe in God's existence. They believe that everything changes and nothing remains permanent thus, there is no such a God. Jana marga Hinduism is a spiritual path in Hinduism which emphasize on self realization. The believe in their inner feelings and interpretation of whom they are and not any living God. For those reasons, both religions can be ruled out as being atheists because they do not believe in supreme being. 

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