21 Apr 2022


Solutions to Contradictions between Managing and Leading

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When organizations are going through a change phase conflict arises between managing and leading. Managing refers to enforcing short-term goals while leading refers to motivating employees through a long-term company aim. During a transition, it is difficult to keep employees motivated to fulfill their tasks and ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, it is important to analyze the ways in which these organizations deal with the contradiction between managing and leading.

One way to deal with this challenge is proper communication. This approach involves sharing information of the company status and direction through trusted channels such as organized meetings or memos. It reduces the risk of rumors that may interfere with day to day operations (Monica Patrick, 2014). Part of the communication is ensuring that employees understand their role in meeting short-term and long-term goals and how they will benefit once the tasks are fulfilled.

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Secondly, organizations establish job security as a way of dealing with challenges that arise between managing and leading. Employees are less productive when they are unsure of their value to the company and fear to lose their source of income. It creates unhealthy competition and lack of trust between staff and their supervisors (Monica Patrick, 2014). Therefore, organizations should reassure staff members of their positions or measures to help them seek employment elsewhere if the organizations cannot accommodate them.

Finally, company executives should respond to employee feedback received through supervisors and other forums. Feedback is important because it alerts upper management of the challenges and concerns that their people are facing. Responding helps curb consequences of dissatisfied employees such as go-slows, actions by employee unions or high employee turn-over. Leading is not possible if managing of operations is lacking ( Monica Patrick , 2014). Therefore, long-term goals should be introduced gradually as consistent evaluations of their impact on the workforce are carried out. Organizations are free to customize their approach to transition challenges but are encouraged to ensure their employees are cared for.


Monica Patrick., (2014). The Difference in Leading an Organization and Managing an Organization. Retrieved from: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/difference-leading-organization-managing-organization-23765.html

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