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Solving Islam-associated Violence by Promoting Islamic Awareness

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For over several decades, Islam has often been associated with violence and terror across the globe. While scientific analysis of the basic Islamic beliefs reveals quite opposite of what the exterior world holds of the religion, haste and emotional-based generalizations will always conclude that Islam proclaims violence. Partly, these generalizations may be justified simply because; one, history has recorded evidence of new groups of Islam-based terrorists such as the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Second, very few Muslims are proactive in the fight against these terrorist groups; consequently, terror attacks have been evident even recently in France. 

The urge to employ diplomatic means of achieving inter-religious tolerance is of fundamental significance to achieving the objectives of ‘Humanity as a Whole’ (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2004). However, these means will be effective only if the religious diverse communities around the world seek to comprehend basic Islamic cultures and beliefs. Pertinent to this, the current paper seeks to highlight some of the fundamental aspects of Islamic culture and use the knowledge gained to forge mechanisms of fighting the ever increasing threat of terror. Even former United States of America head George W. Bush encouraged Americans to differentiate carefully between good and bad Muslims (Calvert & Simkins, 2007). The subsequent and most critical question to this paper is what differentiates between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Muslims. In pursuit of the identity of the true Islam, this is what the author found.

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Every sound Muslim (and even non-Muslim) will agree to the fact that Islam has different doctrines with similar foundational beliefs but exercising slightly varied peripheral beliefs (Etienne, 2007). The varied beliefs, more so the misguided beliefs, has resulted most of the violent groups of extremists. Because the Qur’an instructed the pioneer Muslims to defend themselves against the terror from non-Muslim Arabs, some doctrines have misinterpreted this direction as their basis of killing innocent non-Muslims. The Quran is of course against the killing of innocent people and this is evident in this verse:

“Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

Another important point revealed during the research is that not all people purporting to be Muslims are actually Muslims or religious (Etienne, 2007). This statement is quite related to the point that n ot all Arabs are Muslims. It follows that the basic Islamic beliefs advocate for peace and tolerance among the diverse religious and cultural communities in the world. From this basic generalization, it is important for people, regardless of their religious affiliations, to collaborate in solving the terror threat.

Among the options with high score of potential to curb Islam-associated terror is by fostering inter-religious interactions. In doing so, the various religions would appreciate the differences in alternative better ways than war. The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has for over a decade pledged to promote inter-cultural interaction by encouraging cultural diversity inside and outside the Islamic world (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2004). In a special report published in 2006, the United States Institute of Peace reported that leaders both religious and political view the blending of Islamic and American values as a healthy way to promote understanding between the country and the Muslim World (Huda, 2006). In addition, American Muslim scholars encourage Muslims to be actively involved in the both political and social aspects of American Society.

Discussions on the association between terror and Islam often invoke emotions in debating parties. Subsequently, it is quite difficult for non-neutral people to come to an understanding. This, with the urge to promote peace, formed the purpose of this paper. In searching for valid solutions, it was important to have an overview of the most foundational Islamic beliefs. 

This paper thus uncovered some of the misconceptions about Islam and developed ways to promote international peace and security. One of the solutions discussed in this paper advocates for the facilitation of inter-religious interaction between Muslims and other doctrines in the United States and the world at large. Scholars, both Muslims and non-Muslims, have documented the importance of such strategies including ISESCO and the United States Institute for Peace. It is hereby concluded that diplomatic means of fostering international peace and security either by inter-religious interaction or dialogue have the potential to solve the threat of terror.


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