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State Essential Commodities: What You Need to Know

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A failed state can be defined as one in which the government cannot or will not provide for essential commodities such as public services to its citizens ( Call, 2008). The Democratic Republic of Congo has been in the spotlight for many years due to a full-scale military crisis. The Democratic Republic of Congo has been in as state of war since its independence from Belgium in 1960. The Democratic Republic of Congo can be considered a weak state because the government does not deliver essential basic needs to its citizens ( Call, 2008) . The people do not expect anything from the government as the government rarely provides education and health services. Congo has faced crisis since the humanitarian disaster in 1994, which made the country an easy target for colonization, internal war, and invasion. Over the more than 20 years of crisis, over 5 million people have died due to conflicts, diseases, and hunger. Moreover, many more people have been displaced from their homes ( Titeca & De Herdt, 2011). Congo holds a sovereign seat at the United Nations but is not capable of performing essential functions efficiently. 

The Democratic Republic of Congo only saw some little stability during Mobutu Sese Seko’s regime. However, after that, the country has been weak in its military strength and economic strength. Additionally, Congo’s ruling class have always antagonized the ethnic groups in the nation by supporting regional grabbing of resources ( Titeca & De Herdt, 2011) . Consequently, confusion, insecurity, and fear have risen to very high levels. The exploitative system in the country has led to the lack of statehood. The exploitative trend continues due to the presence of rebels who do not allow the government to use its resources ( Titeca & De Herdt, 2011) . Notably, Congo has numerous resources especially gold. However, this gold does not benefit the country as most of it is mined illegally. The rebels and international firms have been blamed from benefiting from the trade of illegal gold despite the international regulations. 

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Call, C. T. (2008). The fallacy of the ‘Failed State’. Third World Quarterly , 29 (8), 1491-1507. 

Titeca, K., & De Herdt, T. (2011). Real governance beyond the ‘failed state’: Negotiating education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. African Affairs , 110 (439), 213-231. 

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