8 Aug 2022


The Benefits of Electronic Health Records

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An ideal electronic health records system should comply with the doctrines of patient control and public standards. However, it is also imperative to look into other factors. For instance, for the EHR system to be effective, it is imperative to consider its impact on all the stakeholders who will use it including the practitioners and patients. Furthermore, the costs associated with the EHR should be reasonable although they should not be the primary determinant of the system. Considering the proposed systems, company A is providing an ideal EHR when compared to the other provider.

Although company A’s proposal is costly and will be implemented at a longer period than the other provider’s, it is imperative to note that it has a higher user satisfaction rates. Succinctly, higher user ratings are crucial because they indicate the efficiency of the system (Henry, Pylypchuk, Searcy, & Patel, 2016). In addition, it has a higher number of supported hospitals indicating that the health facility can share information with numerous other institutions. In addition, its design meets the necessary requirements without having to spend extra money. Nonetheless, the HER has two shortcoming concerned with its implementation and support. For instance, it does not have remote implementation and its cost of training is very high (Amdt, Beasley, Watkinson, Temte, Tuan, Sinsky, &Gilchrist, 2017). All the other implementation and support aspects are aligned with the needs of a hospital.

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Although some of the implementation and support aspects have some flaws, the HER offered by the company is ideal because it can address various issues including customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the comprehensive training provided by the firm ensures that the hospital can provide high quality services through enhanced interaction with other providers in the market.


Arndt, B. G., Beasley, J. W., Watkinson, M. D., Temte, J. L., Tuan, W. J., Sinsky, C. A., & Gilchrist, V. J. (2017). Tethered to the EHR: primary care physician workload assessment using EHR event log data and time-motion observations. The Annals of Family Medicine , 15 (5), 419-426.

Henry, J., Pylypchuk, Y., Searcy, T., & Patel, V. (2016). Adoption of electronic health record systems among US non-federal acute care hospitals: 2008-2015. ONC Data Brief , 35 , 1-9.

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