14 Oct 2022


The Best Ways to Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

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The 2010 National Security strategy of the United States saw the adoption of resilience in an attempt to empower the people to adapt to the changing conditions. This enables them to withstand and recover from security threats and disasters that have jeopardized their wellbeing. The strategy gained popularity in 2014 in the Quadrennial Homeland security Review that sought to create avenues for the citizens to gain resilience against the changing conditions ranging from security to pandemics. The United States adopted prevention, protection, recovery, mitigation and response as essential capabilities in a bid to enhancing resilience for the wellbeing of the people. 

Resilience is an effective strategy that enhances the security of a country. It plays an essential role in empowering people with the relevant information that enables them to adapt to the changing circumstances. Its role in empowering societies to withstand the adverse effects of the unpredictable conditions cannot be underestimated. Resilience focuses on improving preparedness to a national disaster, pandemic or terrorism in a bid to helping the communities to recover and continue with their lives. The multi-agency collaboration is critical in empowering communities to be resilient to adapt to the changing surroundings. 

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The protection of the citizens is crucial in ensuring their wellbeing. The strategy seeks to prevent the factors that contribute to the worsening condition that jeopardizes their well-being. The strategy is keen on putting measures in place to prevent a disaster, pandemic or security threats in an attempt to ensure the wellbeing of the communities. The protection strategy aims at ensuring that the society is not exposed to any threats that could adversely affect their livelihoods. Both protection and resilience strategies are effective in the promotion and protection of the welfare of the people. None should substitute the other, but instead, be implemented at the same time to reap its benefits in enhancing social well-being in the society. 

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