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The Civil Right Movement

Civil rights are a crucial section of democracy. There are five types of civil rights. The right to vote allows everyone to participate openly in the voting procedure and decide who is fit for a political position...

Words: 1048

Pages: 4

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The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement In the ancient history, segregation was a common practice in the United States. It involved a scenario whereby explicit places were reserved for colored and white people alike as a way of...

Words: 627

Pages: 2

Views: 102

17 Sep 2023

The Civil Rights Movement: A Timeline

The Civil Rights Movement is one probably the most influential 20 th century social movement. The movement waged decades-long protests all over America primarily to enforce legal and constitutional rights already...

Words: 642

Pages: 2

Views: 62

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Civil Rights and Vietnam

Civil Rights and Vietnam The civil rights movement in the United States represents the epitome of change in the history of America and the world at large. The positive impact that was brought about by these...

Words: 791

Pages: 2

Views: 347

Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X are some of the most recognized leaders of the civil rights movement. However, the two leaders epitomize racial protestors with different techniques and social background....

Words: 1047

Pages: 3

Views: 177

Martin Luther King’s Contributions to Civil Rights

Martin Luther King’s Contributions to Civil Rights The struggle for civil rights in the United States has over the years been a cruising journey that has ultimately borne considerable fruits of freedom which are...

Words: 1326

Pages: 5

Views: 399

Professional Patterson’s lecture on Civil Rights

Part One Constitution amendment is changes made in the Constitution with regard to different events through history. Currently, there are 27 amendments in the US; majority of which outline fundamentals rights in...

Words: 620

Pages: 1

Views: 81

The American Civil Rights Movement

Used as an umbrella term, the American Civil Rights Movement refers to numerous activisms that sought to fight for full rights of African Americans in the economic, political, and social aspects. The timeline for the...

Words: 314

Pages: 1

Views: 89

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The Relationship Between Civil Rights and Theology

Black theology and black power provided a systematic response to black Christians who were trying to reconcile whether it was possible to affirm their black identity and their Christian faith, and whether the gospel...

Words: 251

Pages: 1

Views: 93

Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the Current American Diversity

'I have a dream' is a communal speech conveyed by Martin Luther King Junior, a civil rights activist from America, in 1963 during the Washington march for liberty and employment. The address aimed to call for...

Words: 800

Pages: 3

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What Is a Civil Rights Essay

Figuring out the definition of civil rights essay is important before you start writing one. It is possible to conduct some research into this movement and consider reading up on this topic. 

Definition: This type of paper will examine the objectives of the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on society. In case you are studying the effect of segregation in an African-American community, discuss different ways that segregation impacted different aspects of our lives. It is likely that you are aware of the differences between white and black congregations.

Constitutional rights movement was acknowledged to be a major factor in reducing racism. But there are many other groups that have been subject to discrimination throughout American time. Native Americans, women, and the LGBT community have all faced oppression of discrimination and harassment. In your paper, you can also explore the importance of nonviolent populism and armed self-reliance in to fight for freedom and equality. It is believed that the Second Reconstruction was a key phase in the freedom of movement and its impact. It provided an exceptional example of civic advocacy and nonviolent populism.

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Successful Civil Rights Essay Examples

StudyBounty offers you many Civil Rights Movement essay examples because it was an important event in American history. Although it helped alleviate racial discrimination and improve African- and Native Americans' status. Different groups were also in a similar issue. Other cultural movements including LGBTQ were developed in our community. The significance of this movement in defeating such discrimination can be discussed in your paper.

Constitutional rights movement was a campaign of protest by African Americans that began in the 1950s. Its most important tactic was direct confrontational actions. They brought both internal as well as international attention to discrimination. It was based on race and eventually was a catalyst for the adoption of numerous important legislations. Direct confrontational actions are defined as nonviolent, provocative protests like sitting-ins or boycotts. By using our Civil Rights Movement essays pdf as a reference, you can use the history of this movement to back up your argument.

Civil Rights Movement Essay Grade 12

Check out our samples of Civil Rights Movement essay grade 12 pdf! You can download them whenever you need. Browse through them both online and offline. Lots of students view the freedom of movement as an essential aspect of the American past. Following more than 100 years without advancement for African Americans, slavery ended in America. The fight for equality resulted in many controversies and champions. 

Many students focus on the motives and motivations of those involved in that struggle. They may inquire if Kennedy believed in equality of race and discuss white sexism. They might express admiration for the forbearance of Martin Luther King. Or describe dislike of separatist beliefs that are part of Black Power. Such a focus could often overlook the real purpose of movement. And this purpose is to challenge power and bring about change that is needed.

Use any grade 12 Civil Rights Movement essay from our library when it is necessary for you! They are completely free to use. Get help when you don’t have enough motivation or inspiration for writing.

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Civil Rights Movement Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay on Civil Rights Movement is important. This topic played a significant role in improving minority groups' social standing in America. Freedom of movement had great success in eliminating prejudice. Improving minority groups' social status, there are still communities that were subject to discrimination. They include the women's community, Native Americans, and the LGBT community. It is a good thing that the constitutional rights movement helped bring changes to these groups. Use these ideas in your brainstorming for civil rights argumentative essay topics.

Freedom of movement was the first major challenge to segregation. An initial significant threat against segregation came from it. It exposed the inequity of discrimination. And it helped create equality for minorities. It has proven that it is a cause worthing to celebrate.

Filter through our sample library to find a perfect civil rights argumentative essay example. You will be surprised by the choice.

Civil Rights Essay Outline

Creating a Civil Rights Movement essay outline is a great way to start working on your essay. It will help to organize your thoughts and compose your arguments more thoroughly.

In order to write such an essay, you must first learn about movements. This movement has many key elements. For example, the importance that was played by Martin Luther King, Jr. in this movement cannot be underestimated. You can use this as a topic for your next essay.

And if you need a good outline template, check out this one below.

Example of civil rights essay outline


  • Introductory statement – hook. You can use a small story to interest your audience or a particular topical quote.
  • Thesis statement. E.g. The Civil Rights Movement has achieved numerous goals, such as creating the 13th and 14th amendments, the ability to work, and social integration.

Body paragraph #1

  • When did this movement start?
  • Who were prominent figures to start it?
  • Why did it start?

Body paragraph #2

  • What are social types that struggle in the movement?

Body paragraph #3

  • What is this movement like in the modern era?
  • What are its challenges?
  • How can people who support this movement overcome these challenges?


  • Restatement of a thesis statement.
  • Closing sentence.

Civil Rights Essay Introduction

If you write a Civil Rights Movement essay introduction, begin with the primary cause of this movement. You can explain that racial discrimination has plagued America for over 400 years. Discuss that it is not uncommon for people to be left out despite advances in civil rights. E.g. the integration of communities of color. List several reasons that black identity was influenced by the Harlem Renaissance. There are many other culture-related movements that originated from a black community. A lot of things that are wrong with modern society came from this struggle. So, if you are looking for the right topic or a great introduction, all you have to do is research.

In your introductory paragraph, state your goals and objectives clearly for your whole paper. Make it as clear and concise as possible. And check out our sample if you need visual guidance.

Example of introduction to Civil Rights Movement essay

The Civil Rights Movements comprised of the efforts of the grassroots people as well as national leaders aim at fighting for the right of the African American community who was facing the various issue of discrimination. The years between 1940 and 1960 represent the era that the country experienced the highest level of Civil Rights Movement as more African Americans were more determined to ensure equal opportunity as stipulated in the constitution. The rate of racism in the country was at its peak as the whites and black were not supposed to associate with each other. As such, both cases were having different schools, hospitals, and social amenities. It was also evident that the whites did not also allow the African American to elect their leaders who would represent their grievances.

Thesis Statement for Civil Rights Movement

Writing a thesis statement can be difficult. That's why there are many Civil Rights Movement thesis statement examples on the Internet. For this statement, you can write about an incident that had a profound impact on the lives of many people. It must be clear and to the point. Make it interesting enough. So, your audience would want to stick around and read your paper further. Remember that your thesis statement will be the backbone of your entire work. There should be proof and arguments to support it in your main body.

Look at an example of Civil Rights Movement essay thesis.

In the course of time, the Civil Rights Movement led to numerous new laws and legal protections that were granted to African Americans. It helped to usher us into a new era of equality. 

If you still need some help with this part of an essay, our thesis statement generator is here at your disposal.

Civil Rights Essay Body Paragraph

In your main civil rights essay paragraph, talk about any experience of these groups. Assist them in understanding the importance of America in today's society.

You can write a paper on this topic to reflect on the movement. Discuss current issues with discrimination against minorities. Your essay should adhere to a correct structure. It includes an introduction that defines a concept and outlines an argument. Each paragraph should explore ideas that are related to a central argument. Your ending paragraph must be a summary of a whole piece of writing. In this part, you should determine this movement's purpose. Then, identify positive changes that resulted. You can also highlight the reasons for this movement’s failure. Your essay should demonstrate how having a choice can enhance life quality in our society.

Need a good sample? We’ve got your back.

Example of civil rights essay body paragraph

In June 1941, President Roosevelt signed an Executive order outlawing prejudicial treatment of workers to ensure equal rights for all. The law favored African Americans as it also allowed them to work in the military. Due to that fact, one million African American joined the military as they wanted to use that platform to continue to fight for their rights. As such, after the Second World War, the African Americans who were fighting at the military came back with a renewed sense of energy. Numerous factors energized the Civil Rights Movement after the war ended. Those measures led President Truman to sign an executive order in 1948 that would ensure equal rights and opportunity for all African American who are aware of the military. Such measures boosted the Civil Rights Movement as most of the African American military personnel who were in higher ranks advocated for the rights of other black communities.

Civil Rights Essay Conclusion

Your Civil Rights Movement essay conclusion should be strong and bring everything together. It must serve as closure to your entire paper. Summe everything up carefully and create clear concluding statements. Remember that you shouldn’t bring any new information to your conclusion. This is your ending paragraph that doesn’t require anything new. So, there should be nothing supported by evidence later on. This is what your paper’s body is for. Use your conclusion section for explaining your research results. Make it memorable with a great ending statement. So, your audience may want to research this topic further.

This sample can help you to construct your own conclusion.

Conclusion for Civil Rights Movement essay example

The media was another factor that propelled the movements as they aired their grievance with the black community which many people sympathized with. In1961, the media aired a story of young African American students who were trying to fight for their rights in school and the challenges they had to experience. After the people saw that footage, more whites were willing to join the movement and pressure the government to abolish racism and promote equality. Those measures were effective as an agent of change in the country; in fact, it is believed that if the actions of that Civil Rights Movement were not a success, then it is likely that such cases would still be experienced today. 

How to Write a Civil Rights Paper

There are a few tips and tricks that can help you in writing a perfect Civil Rights Movement paper. We’ve collected some of them below, so feel free to check them out!

  1. Depending on your professor's requirements, your paper could include a reflection on your own life. Or write about an examination of racial disparities within our society. 
  2. For a successful paper, adhere to proper essay structure. An introduction should be an initial part of your paper. It must outline the main idea. The most important arguments must be reflected in your main body paragraphs. In a concluding paragraph, you should sum up your major argument.
  3. When browsing through different civil rights paper topics, it is crucial to keep in mind one thing. Remember that a lot of historical events took place during the 20th century. World War II and the Cold War were crucial for the story of America. These events are not relevant to your paper. But they could aid in the understanding historical context of where protests took place.
  4. Do your research and find as much background information as possible. It can prove to be helpful later on.
  5. A paper must fully cover your topic and can be up to 5-7 pages. Make it double-spaced with one-inch margins, and use a 12-point font. 
  6. Cite sources of specific information in your document. Reference any external source using the page's number and abbreviated title. Remember to cite indirect quotes also. A citation comes after the end parenthesis.
  7. Make someone proofread your paper. This way, you’ll eradicate any errors more efficiently.

Civil Rights Movement Topics for Essays

There are many Civil Rights Movement essay topics to write about. They can be great to research in academic papers, essays, and other projects. This movement has ended discrimination and enhanced social standing in America. However, other communities were subjected to it throughout American time. LGBT community, Native Americans, and women are just some instances of people who faced discrimination. If you are looking for civil rights topics to write about, check out these ones:

  1. Freedom of movement success in the USA from 1950s to 1960s.
  2. Civil rights vs public order. (Check an essay about sociology.)
  3. How far did Martin Luther King further the cause of civil rights? (Consult: I Have a Dream speech essay.)
  4. Freedom of movement history.
  5. Civil disobedience and freedom as positive methods of eliminating discrimination.
  6. Role of the Civil Rights Movement and women's rights movement in the American revolution.
  7. A look at segregation and the Civil Rights Movement.
  8. An analysis of freedoms: Are we free?
  9. A brief history of Civil Rights Movements that followed the civil war.
  10. Civil rights should allow same-sex marriage.

If none of these essay topics for Civil Rights Movement peak your interest, then keep brainstorming until you find an idea that does. Good luck!


FAQ About the Civil Rights Movement Essay

1. Do you provide free civil rights essay?

Yes, we provide only free essays on Civil Rights Movement! You don’t have to pay for the trial run, because we don’t have one. All papers we have are available for you at first click. You also won’t have to register or set up a new account. You will have full access to our sample library instantly.

2. How do you come up with the titles for civil rights essays?

There are many ways to come up with Civil Rights Movement essay titles. The best one so far is to follow the current situation in the world by reading newspapers or watching TV news. You can also highlight the historical aspect of your topic by writing about civil liberties in the 20th century.

3. Why are civil rights essay important?

Writing an essay about Civil Rights Movement is important because with its help you can raise awareness on the issue as well as educate people on it. You can study how discrimination was found to be unjust and no longer tolerable in the country you live in. In your paper on this topic, you can set an example for oppressed people everywhere and show them your support.

4. Why should students learn about the Civil Rights Movement?

Students should read and learn many essays on the Civil Rights Movement. These will help them to understand the issue better and in a more accessible way. This can also lead them to participate in the movement safely, especially if they are part of minorities.


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