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The comparison of films "Breaker Moran" and "Gallipoli"

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An analysis of the films Gallipoli and Breaker Morant suggests that they are both similar and different at the same time in their presentation of various aspects associated with Australian nationalism. On its part, Gallipoli focuses on the portrayal of an ill-fated campaign within Australia, which serves towards building on what would be considered as a structured understanding of challenges and contradictions. On the other hand, Breaker Morant seeks to present an epic tale revolving around a story set during the Boer War, which took place in 1901 in South Africa. This report aims to examine the existing similarity and differences existing between these two films to help in examining the directors' abilities to pass on messages revolving around their respective positions on the topic.


The first key aspect to note about the similarity between the two films, Gallipoli and Breaker Morant is the fact that they both seek to reflect on a wide array of divisions existing between countries, which result in conflicts in their engagements. In ‘Breaker Morant,’ one of the key aspects to note is that the story revolves around three soldiers with the aim being towards ensuring that it can illuminate the much greater themes of war, heroism, and empire (Boslaugh, 2015). That serves as a clear indication of the fact that indeed the film seeks to highlight the generalized perspectives on what to expect with regard to the overall understanding of what to believe in relation to conflicts. The film, which had been shot in South Australia, creates a strategic connection to the spectacular landscape within the area as part of building the basic connection that the audience would have towards the film.

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In that same way, Gallipoli seeks to build on the significance of the defeat at Gallipoli where army corps from two rival countries, Australia and New Zealand, were engaged in war besides divisions of both Britain and France (Arnold, 1981). The conflict, occurring at Gallipoli, serves as the basis within which the film has been set, as it seeks to reflect on a generalized perception on what to expect about building on the film’s intentions. From this perspective, it becomes clear that the existing structure of the film is based on conflict as part of its ability and capacity to reflect on what would be considered as sophisticated and virtuous perspective on world affairs. The ultimate expectation is that the two films seek to create a perception of the fact that conflict has been part of the Australian nationalism approach.

Another fundamental similarity between these two films can be seen from the fact that they both create a blend of action, love, and high tension scenes, which seek to compel the audience towards the general messages of the films. The audience can build on a structured avenue through which to maximize on what would be considered as an epic journey through history with the focus being towards establishing a front through which to understand overall righteousness of choices that people make. The films seek to introduce a free and unstructured nature of works touching on glories associated with serving within the British Empire as a way of trying to examine the overall outcome associated with conflict. The focus for this is that it builds on what would be described as a positive connection between happenings in the world with those that the films seek to project.


On the other hand, it must also be noted that the films can also be portrayed as being different to some extent, especially on areas of the extent to which build on the theme of an ordered and bureaucratic world. Breaker Morant focuses much of its efforts towards disillusioning the actual participation of Australia in the military operations of Britain with the view being that this would help highlight the dubious position that the country held on its own. The audience of this film is able to connect to what Australia was bound to achieve through its engagement in British military operations while seeking to create a structured approach through which to maximize on the generalized perception on the dynamics associated with moral-philosophical corroboration.

On the other hand, Gallipoli can be seen as presenting a different perspective on the question of divisions between Britain and France, as it projects suggesting effects that reflect on the British's colonial ignorance. The film seeks to highlight the fact that the British government ought to have considered itself as a being ignorant to the fact that the world was facing a significant crisis resulting from its colonial approaches. The ultimate expectation of this is that it builds on what would be considered as the dynamics of colonial authority in the world today. Gallipoli reflects on the fact that the British government found itself in a position where it felt culturally superior, which may have played a critical role in defining its need to engage in colonization of other countries.


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