16 Dec 2022


The COP 21 Agreement: What You Need to Know

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For quite some time, global warming has been a global issue. The temperature increases have already seen the world suffer enough. The weather patterns have changed, and many catastrophes have hit several parts of the world. There have been issues with drought or floods. Everything is going to an extreme. All this is attributed to global warming which is the rise in global temperature (Shi, 2017). Much of the cause of the temperature rising has been due to the increase in carbon emissions. Thus COP 21 was held for the nations to come up with a solution that would reduce the increase in global temperatures. From Cop 21, the world expects a solution that will change the way we live and reduce the risks of the world collapsing due to global warming. The only way to meet the expectation is to limit emissions of carbon (Fondahl & Wilson, 2017). Nations globally will have to invest in renewable sources of energy and put significant investments in energy efficiency. Third-world countries are still waiting for developed countries to set an example. Nonetheless, every country needs commitment so that the burden can be shared equally. Cop 21 was only a commencement of a long journey toward limiting global warming. It is probably true that much has to be done for the world to witness a significant change in carbon emissions (Stoianoff, 2016). Since each nation has its carbon emission percentage, it is a good recommendation that as a country they should all set a target rate to reduce global warming. That way the world will see a great change and what matters is the start.


Fondahl, G., & Wilson, G. N. (2017).  Northern Sustainabilities. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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Shi, Y. (2017).  Climate change and international shipping: The regulatory framework for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Stoianoff, N. P. (2016).  Market instruments and the protection of natural resources. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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