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The Difference between Islamic and Biblical Worldviews

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The worldview of Islam tends to differ from the Biblical one, which is commonly held by Christians. However, there are also many points of agreement between the Islam and Biblical worldviews. It is easy to compare and contrast these two worldviews using different topical points such their perspectives on origin of mankind, morality, identity, purpose of human existence and the destiny of human beings after death (Weider & Gutierrez, 2014). The Biblical worldview, in this case, refers to the message communicated by the words of the Bible. Biblical worldview is about the perspective of God, which is communicated through the apostles and prophets as well as Jesus Christ. 

On the question of origin of life, Islam holds the view that God created everything on earth within 6 days. Similarly, the Biblical worldview communicates that God created all things in the universe within a period of 6 days. The point of contrast between the Biblical and Islam worldviews is on the Seventh Day. According to the Islam worldview, God just sat on His throne on the Seventh Day, but not for the purpose of resting because he was not tired (Qutb, 2015). However, the Biblical view is that God rested on the Seventh Day because He was tired. The Biblical worldview claims that Gods made this day Holy hence people need to spare it as a time for rest. Therefore, the Biblical worldview requires believers to spare the Sabbath as a day for rest and cease from work. On the contrary, the Islam worldview does not encourage stopping work fort rest on the Seventh Day, but only urges Muslims to spare sometime on every Friday to pray before resuming their various duties. Both the Biblical and Islam worldviews believe that God created Adam from clay and breathed life into him from the Holy Spirit. 

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Another point of comparison and contrast between the two worldviews is on the perspectives regarding the identity of humanity. The Islam worldview believes that God gave human beings the spiritual qualities. The Islam worldview holds the position that a human being is completely unlike God. According the Islam worldview, there is no single similarity between God and mankind because He is neither a person nor a spirit, but is non-physical. The Biblical worldview similarly holds the belief that mankind was given spiritual qualities by God. However, the contrast between these two worldviews is that the Biblical view is that human being was created in the same image of God in order for them to share fellowship. It is important to mention that both worldviews regard mankind as the special creature of God, given authority over all other things created on earth. 

On the question of purpose, the Islam worldview believes that mankind lives in order to serve God. This belief is shared by the Biblical worldview, which describes mankind as the servant of God. According these two worldviews, mankind was created and put on earth to subdue and have dominion over the world. 

According to the Islam worldview, morality is about following the teachings that Muhammad taught. Islam believes that these teachings of Muhammad exemplify the ideal moral life and state what God desires. The Biblical world view about morality is that it following the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches salvation as the only way to living a moral life. The Bible requires one to be baptized in water and get saved (Esqueda, 2014). 

On the question of destiny, these two religious worldviews hold largely similar views. Both Islam and the Bible hold the view that after death, the sinners will be consumed by fire in hell while the righteous one will live with God in paradise. 


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