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The History of Air Pollution and the Population Growth Model in Fairfax Kansas

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The issue of environmental pollution qualifies as a major threat to the tranquil survival of humankind on planet earth. Various types of pollution continue to wreak havoc on the living conditions of the contemporary generation of humanity. Air pollution stands out as the highest form of pollution. Part of the accounts on the increased rate of air pollution points at the development of industrialization in various parts of the world. Fairfax County, Kansas, is one of the places that continues to experience adverse pollution because of several contributors discussed in the paper. 

Air Pollution in Fairfax, Kansas 

Fairfax County has a population of approximately 24.4 thousand inhabitants, with 57% of being whites, 17% Latino, and the rest of the population represents Asians and the African American demographics. The issue of air pollution in Fairfax has worsened in post 2000 era because of increased industrialization. Fairfax County alone is responsible for over 60% of the carbon emissions released in Kansa (Alotaibi et al. 2019). To understand the high rate of air pollution in Fairfax, Kansas, one needs to a careful analysis of the population growth model in the region. 

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The History of Air Pollution and the Population Growth Model in Fairfax Kansas 

The historical development of air pollution in the Kansas region dates back to 1923 after infrastructure development by Pacific Railroad began. Historically, Fairfax District is among the Cities in which road and railway construction began early. The early development of infrastructure opened up Fairfax to a multiple of activities staged through the road and railway connections. (Alotaibi et al., 2019). The construction of Sweeney Airport in 1928 opened up Fairfax to various plane manufacturing companies. The population growth model in Fairfax, Kansas, suggests that the District is yet to reach optimum capacity. During the 20th century, the rate of population growth in the region was low. The reason for the phenomenon is the rural-urban hype that dominated the 20th century (Alotaibi et al., 2019). However, the 21st centered reverses the notion of rural to urban movement as many people shift their focus to the suburbs. Currently, the population growth at Fairfax is rising at 1.3% annually because of the increased industrial and administrative activities occurring at Fairfax. 

Factors that have contributed to the Issue of Air Pollution at Fairfax, Kansas 

The biggest contributor to the population menace at Fairfax District is the increased industrialization in the District. Fairfax District house transport and aviation industries, technical industries, and the manufacturing industry. Fairfax District is home to over twenty industries ranging from rubber manufactures to textile industries and aviation companies. The increased industrialization results in increased levels of carbon emission (Alotaibi et al., 2019). Moreover, the administrative function of the Fairfax District results in high demographics of vehicles and motorcades around the City. Increased human activities at Fairfax are the immediate contributor to increased rates of air pollution in Fairfax. 

Interventions that are used to reduce the Rate of air Pollution in Fairfax, Kansas 

The Fairfax District authority has promising interventions that help mitigate air pollution in the city. One of the interventions is the introduction of a carbon emission recording mechanism. The authority has come up with a strategy that requires industrial operators to record the amount of carbon emitted from various industries in the city (Li et al., 2019). Moreover, the Fairfax District administration has adopted the use of green transport and logistics initiatives. The initiative aims at reducing air pollution through the freight industry by the introduction of eco-friendly options in the passage of cargo. Besides, it is a requirement for all manufacturers operating with Fairfax City to comply with the International Environmental Standards as part of the qualification for business licensing in Fairfax, Kansas. 

Extrapolation of Air Pollution issues in Fairfax, Kansas to the International Platform 

Fairfax District is one of the many cities that are faced with air pollution in the world. Though the situation in Fairfax is not worse than in Chinese cities, it still contributes to the overall air pollution menace around the globe. The similarity between the Fairfax District and other cities with air pollution problems is that the menace emanates from industrial emissions. 

Classes of Environmental Problems that are Widespread Across the Country 

The greenhouse effect is one of the problems that the US is struggling to cushion. The greenhouse effect manifests through high-temperature recording and reduced airflow. The greenhouse effect is a result of depleting the Ozone layer. Moreover, the country is also witnessing desertification in many areas of Texas (Li et al., 2019). The overall area covered by arid regions is exponentially increasing. 

Relationship between high Population and Air Pollution 

Increase in the number of people living in given area results to increased human activities. Human activities in the contemporary world are majorly powered by petroleum fuel, which results in carbon emissions (Li et al., 2019). Moreover, the increased population has resulted in increased usage of automobiles. The population growth in Fairfax, Kansas, depicts a huge increase in automobile statistics in the District. 

Conclusively, the major environmental problem in Fairfax District, Kansas, is air pollution. The population of the region stands at twenty-four thousand inhabitants. The problem originates from the historical period that witnessed the dominance of road and railway companies in the District. High carbon emission from the industries in Fairfax District contributes to the problem of air pollution in the City. The authority of the City resolves at using green initiatives as an intervention to the problem. 


Alotaibi, R., Bechle, M., Marshall, J. D., Ramani, T., Zietsman, J., Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., & Khreis, H. (2019). Traffic related air pollution and the burden of childhood asthma in the contiguous United States in 2000 and 2010. Environment international, 127, 858-867. 

Li, X., Jin, L., & Kan, H. (2019). Air pollution: a global problem needs local fixes. 

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