3 Feb 2023


The Impact of Innovation

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The process of printing organs enables patients to have customized organs developed to replace the faulty ones instead of waiting for suitable donors or having their bodies reject the organs from other people. 3D organ printing has revolutionized the existing treatment process, enabling doctors to perform complex operations and reduce healthcare service costs and time.

The technology of printing organs has played a significant role in training and preparing doctors for actual operations. The use of 2D has been useful even though they provide little visualization and do not represent the actual human organs or parts. 3D organ printing has enabled realistic models that mimic real human body parts or organs, allowing operation processes to be more effective and accurate (Ventola, 2014). Printed human organs have also reduced the body's chances of rejecting the organs compared to those transplanted from other people. Before organ printing, patients had higher chances of rejecting the transplanted organs in the process, compromising their recovery and general health.

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It is also important to note that human organs' printing saves organ recipients' lives because they don't have to wait for long to get donated organs. They can benefit from printed organs as soon as they need it than the traditional treatment process where the patient had to wait for donated organs (Visconti, Kasyanov, & Gentile, 2010). With the adoption of organ printing, people can access affordable prosthetics, enhancing health quality, particularly to the people living in poverty-stricken and remote areas (Ten Kate & Smit, 2017). 3D printing enables the printing of necessary equipment in those remote areas and improves people's lives and health.

With the application of organ printing in medicine, people's quality of life will improve significantly. Organ recipients will benefit from the technology because they will get their organs printed and replaced on time and the chances of their bodies rejecting the printed organs are minimal.


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