21 Sep 2022


The Impact of International Human Rights Law on National Legal Systems

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Contemporary society has put more focus on international relations and this has to some extent determined the degree of help that a country of state receive from foreign political actors. International relationship basically revolves around how a state interacts with others in the global system as well as how states depicting similar behaviors interact with each other. International relationships will always go hand in hand with human rights as the main party under focus when it comes to international relationship is humans (Dunne& Hanson, 2008). To me, international relationship means more of interaction between states or countries that have a common interest and its focus is to bring a mutual benefit to its citizens. 

The society today values human rights and many a times, human rights activists have been seen fighting for justice for sections of people who feel that their rights have been violated. Politics have incorporated human rights in its drive for fairness and this has brought mixed reactions from international relations academicians (Dunne& Hanson, 2008). Human rights violation is rampant in states that claim to have sole authority over their geographical space and no foreign interference is allowed. International relations allow for liberal thinking and argue that states should put in place policies that do not contradict the principles of human rights. Some people have argued that the pursue for human rights by some states is in the interest of their status and identity though the debate surrounding international relations theories have helped differentiate between human perception and reality on human rights. 

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Almost all aspects of human life are affected by international relations in one way or another with the highly affected aspect being financial. Most of the things that we use in our countries are made in foreign countries and their prices are significantly high hence straining financial abilities of many citizens. The trade relationship between our country and those countries we import products from is guided by policies that allow safe business interaction between individuals from the involved states. 

Another way that international relations affect our daily lives is related to national security. Fight against terrorism for instance has become a global mission that has brought many countries together with a single goal. The success of this fight depends on how the involved countries cooperate with one another and the cost of deploying security personnel to pursue the same is quite significant to every country (Dunne& Hanson, 2008). Countries with sophisticated fighting machines and intelligence are of benefit to developing countries that will in most cases depend on intelligence from foreign countries in regard to places targeted by the terror groups. 

Countries affected by terror attacks experience tough economic times especially when prime areas are affected. If industrial areas for instance are affected, foreign countries who rely on imports of products from the affected country will be significantly affected and this trickles down to the local consumer who will either use an alternative or spend more money to purchase a product that will be rare to find in the market. Employees in the affected areas will also experience financial issues since they will lose their jobs or even get pay cuts as a way of sustaining the whole affected work force. 

Banking institutions that are international are highly affected by issues related to international relationships. When a country hosting the bank is affected, all other banks feel the effect and the employees are the main victims. Losses as a result of fraudulent activities in such institutions will warrant a summon of all employees who will sometimes get investigated and even fired for non-similar but wrong conduct. Furthermore, if a branch of such institution is doing poorly, other branches located in other countries are significantly affected as the management will try to make various reorganization and redistribution of resources to boost low performing branches. Finally, international relations determine the currency exchange rates that consequently affect the prices of products both internationally and locally. The economic policies governing the relationship between countries determine the ability of local consumers to spend on imported products 

State sovereignty refers to power to govern and make laws governing an area of jurisdiction. The modern world embraces sovereignty in its political organization and use policies and laws to bestow rights on each citizen. Sovereign states make trade policies and treaties through the UN. Human rights are essential in strengthening the sovereignty of a nation. It has been observed that the relationship between human rights and sovereign state is antinomic and this implies that institutions that fight for human rights will only work well in stable states (Cox & Shawki, 2009). The converse is however not applicable as a sovereign state is seen as both a violator and provider of human rights. The principal focus of international relations is the people. The fundamental basis of a state is the people and for every policy or law that is made, the intended user is the people rather than the state. Basically, people make up a state and any consideration makes the people a priority since they are more important than states. Propositions by states are not always acceptable and taken as right but the people’s concern will sound more right as it reflects a personal perception and feeling in regard to a matter at hand. A typical example that shows that states are not always right is the case of Syrian situation. 

In conclusion, international relations bring out the relationship between countries and are governed by laws and policies. States with good international relations with one another are able to trade with one another and improve the economic status of their citizens. International relations affect our daily lives in various ways since most items we consume are made in foreign countries and their affordability or availability is dependent on the type of relationship between the involved states. Human rights have been an integral part of international relations and state sovereignty and its success is dependent on the stability of a nation. 


Cox, M., & Shawki, N. (2009). Negotiating sovereignty and human rights: Actors and issues in contemporary human rights politics . Farnham, England: Routledge. 

Dunne, T. & Hanson, M. (2008). Human rights in international relations . Retrieved from <http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/politics/research/readingroom/Dunne-goodhart-chap04.pdf/> 

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