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The potential impact of IT System failure

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What could be the impact on an organization if IT fails?

Technology information has fundamental technological building blocks which are numerous and fundamental pillars which support the creation of the greatest technology. Simple or complex, technology is critical and acts as a bridge between the real technology in the world and science ideas. The IT industry is run by the core elements of the information technology which constitute of the system administration, programming of the computers, networking and many others. In any organization which is dependent on any of the elements mentioned above must be affected to some level in case of failure of any. Such organization on will experience difficulties in running any departments that use a computer in its operations. For instance, there will be a significant loss of information, data, alteration disturbance and all sort of data disarrangement in a case where the computer wireless security system fails or is tampered with. This shows how important technology is vital to information security in an organization (Bowman, 2013).

What could be a backup if the wireless network fails? Support your description with an example, real or potential

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For instance, take an example of your new local areas network, for example, WLAN, then beside the same line, build a disaster discovery (DR). In your WLAN, classify all the components such as wireless controllers, antennas, powers plies, connectors and power cables, wires access point(WAPs), the connecting point to lanes as well as other networks using the network scanning software. This data which is created by this interconnection can be very paramount to the organization. The data can help the organization in two ways; first, the candidates for extra components can be classified using this data. Also, single points of disappointment can be classified by the data, for instance, switch which requires joblessness backup partners or wired path of the access point which does not use a cable. Alternatively, each device network data in the WLAN should be imprisonment configured and backed up to a more secured location within the system.

In responding to your peers, suggest other system failures or backups that your peers may not have noted, providing an example of such situations or experiences.

One of the major issues of technology is power backup. The breakup of power supply sometimes causes havoc to the systems causing the systematic destruction and many others. During this period, the individual may lose much critical information. It should be noted by any user that like any other component of the communication or rather technology requires healthy as well as stable and uninterrupted power, so is the components of the wireless LAN. If possible, the attention of the supplier of the components should be sought to ensure that he/ she controls the WLAN power requirements of the WLAN components such as the bridge, control, access point and any other components which are connected to WLAN. Alternatively, it should be noted that choice of power backup system is critical. For instance, the best selection of the power backup system is that which keeps the operation of the dangerous network components pending in case there is an issue with power. Also, it should be able to be powered down by the user in case it has a problem which needs replacement or repair. 

Real examples of the network failure which destruct functions of the system are cordless phones, garage door openings, Bluetooth devices, issues with Wi-Fi connection on the ovens when powered on and many others. To avoid such kind of problems, one can always have the network kit transferred or adjust radio Wi-Fi settings (Heeks, 2010).


Bowman, S. (2013). Impact of electronic health record systems on information integrity: quality and safety implications. Perspectives in Health Information Management , 10 (Fall).

Heeks, R. (2010). Do information and communication technologies (ICTs) contribute to development?. Journal of International Development , 22 (5), 625-640.

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