26 Oct 2022


The Relationship Between Secularization and Religion

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I agree with your analysis of secularization and the connection it has to religion. In the modern world, the role played by religion has become restricted and the societies faith does not have the cultural authority it had in the past, which means that the church today has reduced social power. Secularization indeed tends to remove God from our social habits as well as customs 1 . We tend to live as if God or Christianity does not have any public claim on us and what we do. The modern society has walked away from religion due to the social world, the habits, and the characters of most people are formed and shaped by practices that alienate people from the idea that the goal of human existence is to communicate with God 2 . However, religion has always stood firm although the changes in the society and secularization of most of the norms do not end the church. 

Post #2 

Your post has made some fundamental points that are essential for the church in America. I think that with secularization, those beliefs and practices that were considered normal are now viewed as embarrassing and sometimes dangerous. In my opinion, it is more difficult to mentor any young person in the faith because they have no way of making sense of it 3 . Some of the social and moral conditions in our society that made faith important for many generations have all been eroded 4 . With the altering of the social conditions of life, the historic Christian faith that has been followed for many years is now being challenged. As you have clearly put it, it is the high time that we focus on affirming the main goal of human existence, which is to communicate with God. Such a move will give more meaning to faith, and people will understand who Jesus Crist is and what He can do to their lives. 

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