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The Role of a Healthcare Manager Reflection

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Roles of a Healthcare Manager 

Working as a healthcare manager requires one to have a considerable skill set. Healthcare managers do not only need to have experience in communication, business, and leadership, but they also ought to have sufficient healthcare background in areas such as pharmacy, medicine, and nursing. Although the requirements may differ sometime, satisfactory expertise in the field and the following areas are necessary. Planning, it involves the formulation of goals and setting strategies to achieve them. In the healthcare setting, planning is practical, tactical, and strategic. The managers create a vision and objectives and set the direction to achieve the goals. Healthcare managers work closely to medical boards to ensure the organization’s plans conform to the community and general healthcare plans. Leading, on the other hand, necessitates manipulating followership towards achieving set organizational goals. In healthcare, workers’ roles are routinely involving and require sufficient leadership. Therefore, healthcare managers ensure that employee satisfaction is achieved through motivation and giving incentives for the latter to maximize their effort to achieve organizational goals. Organizing, efficient setting up of structures and adequate distribution of resources to achieve organizational goals is essential. Managers are usually the link between different offices in an organization. In the healthcare setting, organizing involves assigning duties, enhancing the mutual relationship between departments, and promoting specialization for maximum productivity within the organization. This is to ensure that patients receive quality care. Also, controlling entails setting strategies for comparing performance against the set plans and standards. In healthcare, behavioral control is used to ensure the practical performance of employees conforms to the set medical standards. Healthcare managers must have adequate knowledge of medical standards. They, therefore, set up control measures that ensure the satisfaction of the patients and the safety of the employees are attained.

The rationale for Changes in my Definition for a Healthcare Manager 

After taking this course, my definition for healthcare manager has changed immensely. I have, in turn, developed more respect and appreciation for the managers at my organization. I have also changed my perspective of viewing the managers in my organization as people who only give direction and assign duties to employees in healthcare. The rationale behind this change is because I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the meaning of a healthcare manager and the multiple different roles they have to play to guarantee the smooth functioning of a healthcare organization. A healthcare manager is a person responsible for organizing and controlling operations. He/she also handles the complex part of the operations and takes full responsibility for all resources and structures in an organization. A manager motivates and directs employees to ensure the progress of an organization.

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Skills and Knowledge to become a Healthcare Manager 

Fredrick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory provides me with a better understanding of how to be an effective healthcare manager. I will implement the theory in my managerial roles and skills to run my organization. In his theory, Herzberg intended to establish the relationship between employee attitude and job motivation. He was interested in determining what led to employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace. This theory emphasizes on aspects to do with hygiene factors which entail salary and work environment. Within the organization, as a manager, I must ensure that my employees are satisfied with the workplace. Herzberg states that employees’ satisfaction is achieved when their dissatisfaction is eliminated. Therefore I will need to gain knowledge and skills to detect and remove dissatisfying factors within my organization. To achieve this, I will have to consider essential factors first, such as employees’ complaints and their interaction with each other and patients. After that, I will implement my skills to ensure supportive supervision, honest salaries, and incentives, create a respectful environment for all employees, and offer chances for personal growth within the organization. Developing skills and knowledge to promote an environment for excellent performance and that which appreciate workers’ talents and abilities will be essential for my management roles. It would make the employees feel valued and hence direct all their efforts to provide valuable care to both inpatients and outpatients.

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