13 Aug 2022


The Role of Media Analysis in Business

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The Power TV series is a drama/ thriller revolving around the main character James St. Patrick aka Ghost and the various people in his drama filled life. Ghost plays several roles in the series together with fellow cast members Tommy, his wife Tasha, and his driver Shawn among others. FBI agents Angela and Know also play various roles in the series and some of these roles will be highlighted in this paper. 

Ghost plays as the “coordinator” in the series acting as the proprietor of the club business which he runs together with Tommy. He ensures that the club is running perfectly and their drugs business is also well disguised from the authorities and the FBI in particular. He also plays as an “aggressor” which is inevitable due to his involvement with drug and crime. He is involved in murder and violence against his rivals although his partner Tommy plays this “aggressor” role more regularly frequently engaging in fights all in the name of protecting their drug business. Tommy also acts as an “encourager” always by Ghost’s side pushing him and encouraging him to get deeper into the drug trade and get involved with the dirty side of the drug business which Ghost is trying to leave. 

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Tasha, Ghost’s wife takes the role of an “information seeker” when she tries to seek out information form Shawn her husband’s driver on whether he is having an extramarital affair and with who. This she does very desperately even seducing and finally sleeping with Shawn who reciprocates by giving information to Tasha about Ghost’s movements and who he is seeing outside his marriage picking the role of an “information giver”. This forms the basis of his relationship with Tasha where they regularly exchange information. Tanya also regularly acts as an “opinion giver” to her husband regarding his club business and how to deal with various issues in the drug business. She does this based on her upbringing which was in the streets where she actually met Ghost. 

Kanan who was in prison for quite a long time is quite the schemer and plays the “dominator” role and has been planning on how to steal the drug business from Ghost and dominate the business. He seeks to dominate his perceived rivals and eliminate them one by one through carefully thought out plans. He also serves the role of “initiator” as he puts his plans into action with the most sinister of his plans occurring when he murders his own son Shawn. 

Among the FBI agents who are investigating the drug business, Knox acts as a “self-confessor” of his love to his fellow agent Angela although she’s more interested in her affair with Ghost than his confessed affection. This really affects their professional relationship with any actions Knox takes that Angela doesn’t agree with being blamed on her rejecting his love pleas. Angela is however quite aggressive in her quest to uncover the drug trade going on in the city. She serves as an “expediter” helping increase the pace at which the investigation in the drug trade is being conducted. This eventually leads to the arrest of Ghost who is sent to prison. This is a hard time for her due to her love affair with Ghost whom she didn’t know was the actual drug kingpin she was investigating. 

These different roles are majorly not constant with the cast members picking up different roles in the different episodes. These roles really affect the relationships they have with one another and it remains to be seen how these relationships will be affected as these roles keep on changing. 

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