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The Three Fires Confederacy

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Native American communities have a complex and intriguing history. Over years, these communities have evolved as changes took place in their environment. One of the elements of the evolution was the formation of alliances. Different communities came together to form coalitions for the purposes of waging war, trade and other endeavors. The Three Fires Confederacy is among these alliances.

The Three Fires Confederacy is an alliance that brought together three Native American communities: Ojibwa, Odawa and Potawatomi. While there existed differences that set these communities apart, a number of similarities were shared. For example, these communities shared a common language (“Michigan’s Native Americans”, 2013). Furthermore, they shared a culture and beliefs. It is therefore not surprising that the communities were able to form the alliance as their shared customs, beliefs and language solidified their bond. The common beliefs that the three communities shared are some of the defining characteristics of the Three Fires Confederacy. These communities believed that spirits possessed greater power than men (“Michigan’s Native Americans”, 2013). They also believed that no one held exclusive rights over nature. Instead, all of mankind had the right to exploit nature. The other belief that these communities held was that all individuals possessed independence and that no individual could assume control over the life of another (“Michigan’s Native Americans”, 2013).

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The Three Fires Confederacy involved more than just shared beliefs and a common language. The alliance also brought together communities that possessed distinct trades and skills. For example, the Odawa were experts in trading (“Michigan’s Native Americans”, 2013). On the other hand, the Potawatomi engaged in farming. The alliance allowed the three communities to benefit from the unique practices of one another. The Three Fires Confederacy played a vital role in shaping the histories of such states as Michigan where they were among the first settlers. The three tribes held tightly to their territories and cultural practices until foreign forces such as the French launched invasions and displaced them while corrupting their culture.

In conclusion, the Three Fires Confederacy serves as evidence that Native American communities had intricate and well-developed unions. This alliance provided a platform for the three communities to enhance their shared culture and language. Through the alliance, these communities were also able to benefit from the skills and expertise of one another. The United States needs to do more to preserve its history and to shed light on the journeys of the Native American communities.


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