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American Civil War essay is an important educational piece for students. It’s targeted not only at improving writing and cognitive skills but also at patriotic education. Knowledge of your country’s history is crucial since knowing past mistakes prevents you from repeating them. An essay on the Civil War focuses on a historical look at this event. It depicts both financial and ideological reasons and outcomes.

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The Civil War by Julius Caesar

Introduction The Civil War is identified as one of the political military conflicts that the Roman Republic had to encounter before the Roman Empire was established. In this case, it was also referred to as...

Words: 1140

Pages: 4

Views: 213

Was the civil war necessary?

Was the civil war necessary? In my opinion, the civil war was necessary. At the time, the root of all upheaval in America was slavery. The South and the North had opposing views of slavery. As for the North, slavery...

Words: 304

Pages: 1

Views: 109


THE CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR Introduction Americans debate and discuss the causes, meaning and eventual outcome of the civil war endlessly. Inasmuch as this heated debate goes on presently, a synonymous...

Words: 461

Pages: 2

Views: 110

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17 Sep 2023

Civil WarThe American Civil War: Causes, Course, and Consequences

The civil war took place in the U.S amid the southern and the northern states. It started in 1861 after many years of tension because of states’ rights, westward expansion, and slavery. Seven southern states came...

Words: 298

Pages: 1

Views: 82

The Review of the Book: For Cause and Comrades: When Men Fought In the Civil War

The Review of the Book: For Cause and Comrades: When Men Fought In the Civil War For Cause and Comrades: When Men Fought In the Civil War is a book written by James McPherson. The text is considered as an...

Words: 562

Pages: 2

Views: 397

The American Civil War: The Role of New Jersey

New Jersey as Southern Sympathizers During the Civil War in the United States, New Jersey played different roles, some for the Union and some against the Union. The undecided position that New Jersey took in the...

Words: 575

Pages: 2

Views: 80

Cause of the American Civil War

The American Civil War is commonly referred to as the greatest war on American soil. It was a war for freedom that saw three million people participate with more than six hundred thousand individuals losing their...

Words: 875

Pages: 3

Views: 139

United States Industrialization after the Civil War

United States Industrialization after the Civil War After the civil war between 1865 and 1920, the United States experienced an industrialization revolution that show it become an industrialized nation and which...

Words: 659

Pages: 2

Views: 409

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Colonial period to the Civil War

From the colonial period to the Civil War, how did colonists, colonial governments, state governments, and the federal government man their military forces? All through the American Indian battles and in...

Words: 621

Pages: 2

Views: 163

The Impact of Industrialization in the United States after the Civil War

Part 1: Thesis statement The United States of America got industrialized after the Civil War. This period of industrialization was a major turning point for the United States as people were affected in various...

Words: 576

Pages: 2

Views: 106



Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Civil War Essay

The definition of Civil War essay presents it as a scholarly piece based on historical event with heavy reliance on academic study. Such texts require conducting an in-depth study analyzing reasons and results. Students must push their analytical skills and critical thinking to the extreme.

Articles must be written in compliance with regulations regarding size, formatting, and structuring. Sufficient writing abilities are required for successful completion with high scores. The easiest way to mimic these skills and abilities is by copying existing works. On this website, students can freely download or read online pdf samples of articles.

Civil War Essay Examples in Academic Writing

Writing process can be simplified by using Civil War paper examples as inspiration. Multiple free samples are available for download on this website. Here’s how these texts can improve your writing:

  • Better pacing

Narration pace for an essay about the Civil War is extremely important. Author must arrange all arguments and sentences in a clear, comprehensible way.

  • Improved structure

Learn how a proper article outline is created. Examine various approaches to text structure creation. Adopt new techniques for better transitioning and narration.

  • Less deviations

Gain additional knowledge of argumentation, placement of reasons, and presentation of proofs. Learn how to keep your text in line and on-point.

  • New wording

Add fresh words to your vocabulary. Scout for new vocables in proposed text samples. Improve variability of custom-written pieces.

Civil War Argumentative Essay

Popular assignment among teachers is giving Civil War argumentative essay topics. Selection of this particular text type changes multiple details. Such articles feature more in-depth research data and more developed argumentation throughout. Creation of similar papers is tied with proper structuring and pacing. Mastering these skills takes some period of time and effort.

Argumentative scholarly pieces heavily rely on scientific and academic data that a student can gather. Look at proposed examples of argumentative essays for a deeper understanding of all assignment peculiarities. Samples you see were donated by students and earned high scores. Following them closely significantly increases the final quality of personal written papers.

Civil War Narrative Essay

On the contrary, Civil War narrative essay topics focus on telling the story. Frequently students take one particular moment of this War to describe it in detail. Narrative-focused writing does not require prior research. It solely depends on authors’ storytelling abilities.

Such written pieces are very dependent on high-quality structuring and pacing. Telling stories must be done chronologically without time jumps. All necessary information must be mentioned and described. Start with introducing the action scene and basic stories of main protagonists. Then, add details, actions as well as facts.

Narration-oriented articles must entertain yet stay informative. Including a message you’ll convey throughout the whole text is great! We have various narrative essay examples in our database to look through.

Civil War Essay Outline

The outline of a Civil War essay acts like a backbone and glue simultaneously. It effectively ties together all narrative elements, arguments, and reasoning into one coherent text. Creating an outline is a step no author should ignore. Smart structuring of an article improves readability, consistency, and argument presentation. If you want to significantly improve custom-written pieces, start with an outline. We prepared a sample for you. 

Example of Civil War essay outline


  • Dates and general info about military conflict
  • Purpose of this paper, thesis
  • Main goal – what is author describing

Body paragraph

  • Argument number one – economic reasons
  • Second argument – social causes
  • Idealogical and religious basis
  • Social results of the conflict
  • Economical outcomes
  • Additional info


  • Restate the main goal
  • Was it achieved?
  • Main message – Is it good or bad?

Hint: Have questions about your title page? Use our APA cover page generator and create it with ease.

Civil War Essay Introduction

Introduction paragraph for Civil War essay occupies 25 percent of all available volume. It serves the purpose of intriguing and investing the audience in reading. Approach this text element with care and utmost attention to detail.

The first text part must include general data regarding this historical event. It includes dates, conflicting sides together with historical significance. Additionally, authors must specify the texts’ purpose they’re fulfilling. It can be an accurate depiction of a particular event or a detailed analysis of reasons and results. Specify it, so readers could understand what it’s all about.

For additional tricks, read our sample below. This presented piece was creatively written by smart students bringing them the highest scores. Examine it for clues, sentence construction, hints, and fresh ideas.

Example of introduction to an essay about Civil War

Constitutional dissatisfactions on human rights ignite the war between citizens in the same country since individuals have different views. Therefore, to seize conflicts in the country, citizens engage in it as the only solution as leaders are unable to resolve the disagreement. The major catastrophic Civil War that led to permanent family separation, as well as massive destruction, was between the North and the South Americans. America is the leading country that practiced slavery during the pre-colonial period even after the declaration of independence. Despite the fact that, Americans were independent and their founders fought for equality of the citizens regardless of their nationality or color, the white Americans continued with slavery. A significant aspect that led to Civil War in America was the slave trade, whereby the slaves from North American had to work in the plantations of the wealthy South Americans.

Civil War Essay Body Paragraph

Whether you’re writing 3 or 5 paragraph essays about Civil War, the main volume is reserved for body paragraphs. It is advised to keep the overall number of paragraphs between three and five. It’s done for better readability and pacing. 4 paragraph essay on Civil War is a golden average for such texts.

Main paragraphs are mainly focused on delivering useful data. Depending on your text type it can contain arguments, a list of reasons with outcomes, or even a story. All relevant and important information must be mentioned in central sections.

Read our sample below. Use it as inspiration as well as a source of ideas. Examine samples for various paper types and see how they differ. Extract structuring patterns, description, and argumentation techniques. Implement this knowledge in unique, custom scholarly pieces.

Civil War essay body paragraph example

According to Cook, North America comprised of Republicans who lead non-violent lifestyle; thus, the Northern held a peaceful meeting to negotiate on how they would seize slavery that separated families and left children as orphans (1856). On the other hand, South Americans held several meeting to discuss the slave trade issue; however, they did not abolish slavery but promised to minimize slavery in the main cities such as Washington D.C. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, who formed the union comprising North and the South Americans ignited the Civil War.

Civil War Essay Conclusion

Almost every inexperienced writer will put the causes of the Civil War essay conclusion while creating an argumentative piece. All causes must stay in body sections. A final chapter must summarize all the information above.

Restate the topic together with your main idea. Mentioned how successful you were in achieving your text’s goal. Judge effectiveness of arguments if needed. The last part must resemble the first one and occupy roughly the same space. Keep it informative, creative, and critical. Try creating a memorable finale answering all questions you’ve stated.

For additional inspiration, tricks, and tactics refer to an example below. It perfectly showcases a creative, informative approach to creating the finale. Copy it directly or use it as a guide – create personal custom academic pieces!

Example of conclusion for Civil War essay

With all this in mind, the government ought to practice equality in the state in spite of influential people trying to rule over the poor in the community. In cases where wealthy individuals violate the rights of fellow citizens, the government ought to punish them to protect the less fortunate in society. By doing so, States need to exercise similar laws on all the citizens and ensure people adhere to the constitutional rights of practicing equality.

Civil War Essay Topic Ideas

If you need an idea of what to write, look at these Civil War topics. We’ve made a list to help troubled students in the article creation process. These sample Civil War essay titles vary from trivial to very specific. Choosing any of them will result in a well-researched, argumentative, or narrative piece. Here are some good titles for Civil War essay:

  1. Social injustice and slavery as main reasons for military actions.
  2. Main mistakes of government politics that led to such events. (Consult: essay about government.)
  3. Could humanity avoid such great casualties and how?
  4. How has perception of this event changed over time?
  5. Foreign intervention as a viable option to stop the conflict and leave problems behind.
  6. Present an original story of relatives involved in these events.
  7. Changes in society are caused by military conflict.
  8. Discuss personal opinions on both sides of any quarrel.
  9. Impacts of this event on the USA's modern political system.
  10. Are there reasons for another conflict nowadays?

There are a lot of different topics in our database for any kind of essay. Maybe you are looking for World War 1 essay, Vietnam War essay, or Civil Rights essay examples you will find them here with ease.


FAQ About Essays on Civil War

1. Do you provide free Civil War essays?

On this site every student can download free essays on the Civil War written by brilliant young authors. Students have shared their best works with us and we’re sharing them with the world. All samples are free of charge. Download them or read them online any time of day and night with no registration.

2. What is the Civil War short summary?

The rare task is creating a Civil War short essay. Academic pieces on such a significant subject must occupy a lot of space. For students, condensing big thoughts into a small enclosure is difficult. We offer numerous paper samples of various sizes. Glance at them and you’ll find what you need.

3. What was the main cause of the Civil War essay?

Formulating one cause in an essay on the American Civil War isn’t easy. Such historic events have never been a result of one thing but a complex mix. Multiple situations must’ve happened to result in such events. Look at proposed paper samples that cover this exact topic for free.

4. Why is the Civil War essay so important?

Essays about the Civil War play a vital role in patriotic and academic education. Such papers improve writing skills and analytical and critical thinking. They teach students argumentation and reasoning. Students learn proper researching and data-mining through action. At the same time, they discover new details about great events in America’s history.


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