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The three sectors in the hospitality industry

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Hospitality is a field in the service industry that deals with servicing and satisfying guests. The industry comprises of food service, tourism-related businesses, event planning, and travel providers, among others. It is important to highlight here that for a guest to be satisfied, he or she must believe that the service received is of valuable quality. Moreover, the guest should feel respected and valued by the person offering the service. In this consideration, hospitality entails welcoming guests and strangers and looking after their basic needs, mainly those related to food, drinks, and accommodation. In this regard, it is worth concluding that hospitality does involve not only food, drinks, and accommodation but also the relationship between the host and a guest as well as the type of reception and entertainment of the guests. 

The hospitality industry is complicated and entails a broad range of activities, locations, jobs, and economic brackets. The industry has three service sectors, namely food and beverages, recreation, and lodging. The food and beverages industry is also referred to as foodservice industry and involves preparing food and drinks for the customers. Recreation sector is concerned with people who visit the premises to rest, relax, and enjoy themselves. Therefore, the goal of recreation industry is to refresh the guest’s body and mind. It should be noted that the recreation sector is incredibly diverse since the customers in this industry have varying ideas on the activities that make them rest, relax, and have fun. The recreation sector is categorized into four classes. They include entertainment, spectator sports, participatory sports, and attractions. The lodging sector, also known as accommodation, provides a place for guest and strangers to sleep overnight, and the sleeping places range from fancy hotels, youth hostels, elder hostels, highway side motel, to a campground. 

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The three sectors in the hospitality industry strive to meet the needs of people with both goodwill and kindness. It should be noted that the hospitality industry provides services to both individuals who are away from their homes and sometimes when they are at home. For instance, a cook who does home visits and or conducts lessons or catering, as well as home delivery of food, are parts of hospitality. The hospitality industry comprises of small, large, privately owned, as well as public owned businesses. In addition, the people who provide and receive services in the hospitality industry emanate from different socioeconomic classes, cultural backgrounds, age, race, and religion. For this reason, the hospitality industry reaches every corner of the world as far as the provision of job opportunities, food and drinks, and a place of sleep are concerned. 

The hospitality industry comprises of both tangible and intangible aspects. The tangible aspect entails the physical products such as foods, drinks, and the actual hotel rooms that are sold at a price to the customers. On the same note, the qualities of these products, as well as the way the staff delivers them to the client, are important in making the hospitality industry satisfactory. The intangible aspects of the hospitality industry include perishable products and lack of business hours since the operations run twenty-four hours across the year. One of the main objectives of the hospitality industry is to make the customer feel at home. This requires the workers to be friendly towards the client and also get along well with one another. 

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