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The Use of Persuasion in Marketing

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Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to do something or agree on a particular point of view. It is mostly used by entrepreneurs to satisfy customers or clients into buying their products or services. Entrepreneurs should have persuading skills for them to attract customers into buying their services or products. There are some words which might attract customers while others might chase them away. This essay will discuss the use of persuasion to clients. 

In my research on persuasion, I learned that many clients are attracted and persuaded by certain words and techniques. Some of the techniques I noted were the use of free gifts and use of samples to demonstrate how the products or services worked. I learned that the needs of the customers were more important than any other thing, more so, considering the profits the clients bring to the business. 

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Furthermore, I think that persuasion becomes harmful if it turns into manipulation. Manipulation can happen when an entrepreneur tries to convince a client to buy a good or service which cannot be of benefit to them (Field, 2010). It is very unethical as the product should create a positive impact on the client’s life. Additionally, an entrepreneur should not sell commodities for their personal benefit as it might create a bad picture of biasness to the customers. 

On the other hand, when persuasion turns into manipulation clients tends to lose the interest of buying the product. Additionally, the relationship between the two deteriorates because clients might lose trust in the business. The reason being that a client understands that buying such commodities will only profit the sellers and not them (Field, 2010). Moreover, the act of manipulation creates a bad picture for the human service professional. Human service professionals are supposed to offer the right services to the clients; however, manipulations results in outcomes that do not benefit clients. Further, the society is also affected by the behaviour of manipulation given that a negative attitude is created towards the particular product or service being offered. 

In conclusion, I think that persuasion should be used in the right way. Sellers or entrepreneurs should be honest to the clients on the services or products they offer. This benefits and creates a good relationship between the customers and sellers. Persuasion that results to manipulation creates a bad image for the seller; hence, pushing away the clients. As a result, sellers need to differentiate persuasion from manipulation. 


Field, J. (2010). The line between persuasion and manipulation . Retrieved on 13 March 2017 from http://www.jonathanfields.com/the-line-between-persuasion-and-manipulation/. 

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