9 Jun 2022


Uber’s Social Media Revolution

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Social media has become a necessity for many organizations because of the numbers of people that use the platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have become an integral part of people’s lives (Qualman, 2011). With many people owning mobile phones and other gadgets that can access the internet, social media is a viable platform for marketing goods and services. Several companies have exhibited tremendous growth because they embrace social media marketing. Companies’ posts and updates spread fast and reach many people within a short time, increasing people’s knowledge about their goods and services. Uber is an example of a company that that has positively changed due to the social media revolution. The company started a few years ago but boasts a global presence, serving people of all kinds in their localities. In the recent past, the company has embraced an online marketing plan where information about their services is provided to the customers (Laurell & Sandström, 2016). The customers have ease of access to the information about transportation services. Uber serves millions of customers in many countries as they can access services via an application and social media. Customers are also allowed to pay for services in various ways as opposed to the conventional payment systems (Laurell & Sandström, 2016). Furthermore, customers are able to track cabs that they have ordered for and monitor the movement. To the employees, the social media adoption has improved their services. The drivers who operate under Uber receive customer orders from their electronic devices. Most of them receive messages and calls from customers to go for them at designated places. Investors have also benefited from Uber’s social media successes (Laurell & Sandström, 2016). There is a high return on their investment as the company makes more money from its operations. The returns on the investments go hand in hand with the numbers of people that subscribe to the services and the profits gotten over time. 


Qualman, K. (2011). Social Media Revolution 3 (4:15 version via Erik Qualman). YouTube. Retrieved June 1, 2017 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0EnhXn5boM&feature=player_embedded 

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Laurell, C., & Sandström, C. (2016). Analysing Uber In Social Media—Disruptive Technology Or Institutional Disruption?. International Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (05), 1640013. 

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