Social Media Essay in English: Guide With Examples

On rare occasions students do create a competent essay about social media from the first try. Such written assignments take time and effort to complete pushing students' abilities. These articles require immense writing skills on par with superb knowledge and topic comprehension. All short essays on social media in English are difficult, so you better prepare for them in advance. Read some sample texts and study existing works from other students. Spend five minutes on research to save precious hours later.

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Ethical Issues on Social Media Use in the Nursing Profession

Nursing is professionally and personally a thought-provoking discipline. Following the rapid increase in the accessibility and the acceptance of social media, nurses have changed this setting into sharing of...

Words: 526

Pages: 2

Views: 364

Social Media and Politics: How They Intersect

Social media usage has gained substantial popularity in political campaigns within the past decade It has influenced the trends of campaign events and ultimate election polls by shaping voters' sentiments....

Words: 635

Pages: 2

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Impact of Social Media Use: A Case Study of US Restaurants

Social media is a term that is used to mean online applications and media that enable people to interact, collaborate, and share knowledge (Razmerita, Kirchner, & Nabeth, 2014, pp. 75). These platforms have taken...

Words: 2498

Pages: 9

Views: 358

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17 Sep 2023

How Social Media Is Changing the Political Landscape

The world has witnessed a rapid growth in technology over the past one decade. There has been the rise in the social media platforms which has changed the way people do things. One area that has had a great impact as...

Words: 1786

Pages: 6

Views: 56

The Relationship Between Social Media Use and Mental Health

The wake of the twenty first century has seen the world emerge into a globe of digital society. More so, the emergence of the digitalized social media has seen the world look like a small village. This is because...

Words: 1113

Pages: 4

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Life in the Age of Social Media

From the article, questions of how embedded social media is to our lives are raised. Eggers & the Data & Society Research Institute narratively reveal how social media is used as a tool to express emotions, feelings,...

Words: 301

Pages: 1

Views: 80

17 Sep 2023
Writing Studies

Social Media and Writing Skills

Social Media and Writing Skills There are numerous errors in academic writing especially in the recent past based on the fact that students tend to write what they believe to be correct in the social media. There is...

Words: 319

Pages: 2

Views: 401

Community Health Social Media Campaign

Community Health Nursing Diagnosis Statement Increased risk of disease spread and contaminated water supply among Lancaster Pennsylvania community related to insufficient waste removal and storm water runoff as...

Words: 3118

Pages: 10

Views: 64

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17 Sep 2023
Marketing and PR

Marketing Thesis: The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Behavior

Marketing Thesis: The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Behavior Topic Suggestion: Problem and Importance Consumer behavior entails the manner in which people, groups, or firms select and purchase...

Words: 261

Pages: 1

Views: 83

17 Sep 2023

How to Use Social Media Responsibly

Social media offers opportunities to athletes who connect and share both photos and opinion online through platforms. According to Farkas & Farkas (2002), websites provide broad accessibility that speeds up...

Words: 336

Pages: 1

Views: 34


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Social Media Essay

The definition of social media essay portrays it as a short, written discussion or description of public networks. Such academic pieces always test a writer's skills, wide thinking, or ethical concepts. Articles engage critical thinking relying heavily on research material and personal knowledge.

The length and structure of each piece depend on requirements of each educational institution. Students can be tasked with writing an essay in 250 words, 200 words, or even 100 words. Such limitations significantly cage the author's creative thinking. To create small papers students must not only conduct research but figure out a way to squeeze data into a few sentences.

Our website offers multiple sample pieces from other students. Study them in detail for new narration and argumentation tricks, fresh wording, etc.

Great Social Media Essay Examples for Students

Every student can freely read or download social media writing examples from this site. All examples were donated by former students and present unique angles on multiple subjects. Wide variety of samples allows for swift sample-picking. Almost every possible subject is covered – check yours out! Download samples of a social media essay in pdf free-of-charge!

Here are some key traits these paper examples possess:

  • Advanced word selection

Each paper showcases great morphological variability and multiple subject-specific vocables. 

  • Solid structuring

Smart outline is seen behind every sentence, every word resulting in the article's strong foundation.

  • Trustworthy arguments

Presentation and reasoning are carefully designed using data from credible sources. 

  • Great readability

Texts are coherent and consistent throughout in narration, reasoning, and structuring. They are easily readable.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Examples

If you’re having troubles with short argumentative essays about social media in pdf form, you can freely find paper samples. Written papers with a tilt towards argumentation have a certain set of characteristics that qualitatively differentiate them from other paper types.

Such articles require conducting in-depth research, studying materials, and various publications. Papers have the goal of presenting a certain angle in detail. Each reason must be designed beforehand to better suit this purpose. Argumentation also requires specific vocabulary and deep subject knowledge. Social media argumentative essay topics often suggest picking a side with follow-up reasoning.

For additional information, it’s advised to check out samples of an argumentative essay on social media in pdf. Examples are available freely on this website to everyone without registration.

Social Media Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays about social media in pdf or any other form have different purposes. This genre convinces readers of something supporting that convincing with data. Research is also needed as well as strong writing skills. A certain, strong message must be conveyed throughout the entire article. Not every student understands the peculiarities of such written tasks.

Here are three social media persuasive essay topics for you to glance at:

  • Growth of social networks endangers natural conversing.
  • Unrealistic life representation on social media causes depression.
  • Modern media platforms provide more diverse communication than before. (Consult: communication essays.)

Persuasive essays on social media test the author's skills by pushing boundaries. Writers must demonstrate their masterful work with language and hidden messages. For more details, read our proposed free paper examples.

Social Media Informative Essay

An informative essay about social media is structured and written like any other research paper. Information-targeted articles have no solid purpose except to inform readers. Articles must present readable, credible information from trustworthy sources. It is impossible to complete such tasks without long, extensive research.

Students must present various information in a clear, concise way. All facts used must be checked and arranged in a specific order. Narration should remain coherent without emotions. Informative pieces are purely academic, free of creativity. They require immense writing skills and strong argumentation.

To create a competent informative essay on social media, prior sample exploration is advised. Read a media analysis essay example thoroughly to get meaningful insights and specific wording. Learn narration and description from copying free paper samples.

Satire Essay Examples on Social Media

The most liked and welcomed assignment type is creating satirical essays on social media. Unlike before, authors get creative freedom. Students share personal thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Adding humor and satire to such topics brightens the mood of both writers and readers.

Every satire essay about social media presents a unique angle, tailored specifically to each author. Argumentative, informative, or persuasive papers shift towards academic data. Satirical pieces offer some laughs and social commentary on relevant problems.

Creation of satire essays on social media isn’t easy. Not every student can create satire and topical satire. By copying pre-existing scholarly pieces you can mimic such skills. Check out each satirical essay example on this website to get a deeper understanding of such academic papers.

Social Media Essay Outline

To correctly structure your pieces, check out a sample of outline for social media essay below. Text design is an essential step in writing. Without a proper outline, the whole narration falls apart. Argumentation becomes weak and incoherent, transitions become visible. The absence of structure decreases overall readability tremendously. Social media essay introduction body and conclusion template works perfectly. If you’re not familiar with such design, look at  a sample below. 

Essay outline on social media


  • Main topic – social networking effects
  • Subject relevance for readers
  • Thesis statement – hook the attention
  • Author’s personal opinion

Body paragraph

  • Positive effects
  • Supporting evidence
  • Importance of pros
  • Negative outcomes
  • Argumentation, reasoning
  • Significance of cons


  • Restating topic
  • Rephrasing thesis statement
  • Is the overall effect good or bad?
  • Personal thoughts
  • Summary sentence, main message.

Social Media Essay Introduction

Introduction of social media essay occupies the first paragraph. This section is the second shortest being only slightly longer than the conclusion. In the intro part, authors should provide necessary background information. Introduction creates that first impression that is crucial to interest readers.

Start by stating the topic clearly without overwhelming details. Explain why this subject should be covered and what is the article’s goal. Mention how social networking affects human lives and its relevance to all readers. Then – thesis statement. But more on that in the next chapter. Finish the intro off by stating your personal opinion if the topic allows for it.

This part must hook readers’ attention and be informative and captivating. Check out a free sample below for more detail.

Introduction for social media essay

With advancement in technology, different types of social media sites have ensured ease in the interaction between friends and relatives and even used as channels for making new friends. Some of the important social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Badoo. Apart from these social sites, there are also blogs where bloggers post their news for people to read via the internet, unlike the traditional print media. Although social media have come with numerous advantages, some disadvantages are also registered considering that not everyone uses it in the right way. Through social media, people have tempered with others' photographs for their benefits. Relatively, some people use social media to post lies regarding other people. In law, defamation is considered the act of presenting false statements which ruin another person’s reputation. In the recent past, this has raised questions regarding social media and defamation. Most people are not sure whether posting false information about someone on social media is defamation or legal. First, the concerned persons must understand the elements of defamation. For example, the law of defamation is not concerned with the medium used to present wrong information, but so long as it is false information, that is just considered slander. In this age of technology, social media users should be concerned with the law of defamation since most of them participate in defamation and will soon be finding themselves in court to answer charges of slander. 

Social Media Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Central place in the intro is reserved for a thesis statement about social media. It can be one sentence or two. Usually, thesis statements present a shortened version of what you’re trying to achieve. It proposes an article's direction without mentioning too much.

Purpose and content of such statements vary depending on your articles’ subjects and main ideas. It can represent the paper's purpose or feature an attention hook. Try adjusting thesis statements based on personal goals and likings.

If any struggles occur, read proposed examples of a thesis statement on social media. Our website offers a wide selection of texts with different statements. Choose ones that fit your needs and modify them. Free samples make writing a thesis statement for social media essay easy and fast!

Social Media Essay Body Paragraph

It’s not enough just to write a short paragraph on social media and call it a day. Academic papers of this caliber are big, long, and detailed. Students present personal writing skills and thinking abilities. One paragraph won’t cut it. A common form is a 5 paragraph essay about social media. One goes for intro and one for summary. That leaves three paragraphs for the body.

Body section is central, data-bank. All useful information, argumentation, facts, or numbers are presented in it. Body paragraph includes carefully designing each sentence trying to pack data as densely as possible.

Study proposed paragraph example below. Look at structuring, wording, and narration pacing. Try copying essential elements you consider useful. Elevate personal writing quality through free text examples!

Paragraph writing on social media

Firstly, social media users must concern themselves with the defamation laws since one of the primary elements of deflation define an activity as one when the involved person spreads malicious information about someone, willingly (Walton, 2014). No one has ever been forced to join social media or share any information update via their accounts. In most if not all cases, people choose to join their social website of their preference and share their updates willingly. About the defamation rule, one is supposed to be charged if they spread the false information willingly, but are innocent if someone else forced them to post false information. Stewart (2013) agrees that most social media users tend to share their opinions regarding different people and even companies, of which sometimes are false. Moreover, people might always have differences from social media and will choose to settle their disputes online by posting false information about the other person whom they are fighting. In such occasions, such activity is considered defamation, enough reasons why social media users must be careful. About this, the users must always ensure that what they post willingly does not ruin the person or the company’s image.

Social Media Essay Conclusion in PDF

Conclusion of social media essay is the last paragraph. Its structure is similar to the one from the introduction with minor changes. Summary must answer all questions and provide finalization. Authors must supply a satisfactory finale without compromising on informational value.

Conclusion paragraph for social media essay starts with topic rephrasing. Try reminding readers why the subject is important and relevant. Next, restate the thesis statement from before. If possible, rephrase it with modification to serve as a summary. It should conclude the main message by giving a distinctive answer to whether the goal was achieved or not.

To create a memorable, informative conclusion study our proposed samples below. Extract wording and structuring advice. Try adapting techniques and tactics to improve personal skills.

Conclusion on social media essay

Defamation is any activity which entails the spread of false information to taint an individual’s, groups, or company’s reputation. With the rise of social media, defamation is on the upsurge, and that is why it is important for users to be concerned with the law of libel.

Write About Social Media Perfectly!

How to write an essay on social media fast? How can students save time without decreasing paper quality? We’ve made a complete step-by-step guide on how to write an essay about social media. Follow it closely and you’ll create unique, custom pieces without fuss!

  • Select a text subject

Pick an interesting title that'll engage readers and motivate you. Look at the proposed social media topics to write about below.

  • Conduct research

Explore available materials and data. Information sufficiency has a direct impact on an article's tone and content.

  • Study examples

Look at free paper samples presented on this site. Check how they’re written, structured, and paced. Underline or copy useful elements for future personal use.

  • Brainstorm ideas

Think of anything to write it down. First thoughts are often more useful and creative than the last. Use them later.

  • Create an outline

Design your narration beforehand. Engineer an article by building an outline. Select places for each argument, reason, fact, or number.

  • Make a draft

Follow an outline and create a first text version. Write as many versions as needed until you’ll be satisfied with narration and argumentation.

  • Proofread it

Edit all mistakes out. Eliminate spelling errors, grammar flaws, or repetitions. Polish narration, pacing, transitioning.

  • Ask for opinion

If possible, ask someone to read your papers. Adjust narration and reasoning according to received opinions. Try tailoring texts for the target audience.

  • Check originality

Use free plagiarism checkers for that. Submitted articles must be unique and custom-written. Submitting unoriginal papers results in poor grades.

Top Tips for Social Media Essay Writing

Essay writing about social media can be made easier with implementation of smart tricks. Everybody loves life hacks. Essay writing on social media is no exception, it can be hacked too. We’ve prepared a list of possible things you could introduce to your writing. Look and follow every social media writing prompt:

  • Use credible sources

During writing, only data from trustworthy origins can be used. Pay attention to the credibility and convincing value of each sentence. Arrange data citations carefully.

  • Copy and steal ideas

“Good painters create, great - steal”. If you’re empty and have no ideas, just steal them from someone’s works. Use proposed free paper samples for inspiration and new thoughts.

  • Implement citations

Citing important elements adds another academic level to it. Citations make articles more scientific, serious, and believable.

  • Personal experience

If the text subject allows for it, introduce personal thoughts. Share experience and individual ideas directly. Personal touch can be helpful and refreshing in such papers.

  • Keep it engaging

Always maintain the reader's attention and engagement. Each paragraph must have an emotional high that’ll keep people reading forward.

  • Plan ahead

Never ignore outlining. Try designing each article diligently paying attention to small details. Design each narration element before writing.

Good Social Media Essay Topics Ideas in English

Writing process starts with checking out topics related to social media. If no subjects were provided by author's institutions, the internet comes in handy. Topics on social media cover various aspects of this innovation. Students often have multiple options to choose from as well as numerous angles to cover. Here are some essay topics about social media:

  1. Increasing addiction to public networks among kids and teens.
  2. Should such online platforms be banned or restricted?
  3. Discuss the effects of media on society and individual people.
  4. Explore benefits of interpersonal communication digitalization.
  5. Explain how Facebook changed the way we communicate.
  6. How do algorithms for news feed and create informational bubbles?
  7. Describe negative effects of media platforms on studying/education quality.
  8. Cyberbullying – is it the result of such sites or a flaw in human nature?
  9. How did media apps change behavior and consumerism?
  10. Communicating through the internet unites people – defend this thesis.

We have a wide range of articles in our library. Study such examples as social network essays and cyber bullying essay. They will help you write topics you may choose from our list.


FAQ About Social Media Essays

1. How to start an essay about social media?

A great essay about social media in English starts with mentioning the article’s subject. The first section grabs the reader's attention and engages in reading. Try using relevant facts and shocking numbers. Entertain the audience without sharing too much. Look at proposed paper samples to see how it’s done correctly and creatively.

2. What is the best topic for my social media paper?

All social media paper topics above are great. The best one is the one you’re eager to cover. If any title sticks to you and inspires you – that’s the one. Try selecting such titles that you’d be interested in them, personally engaged or involved. If nothing works out, pick one from the above-mentioned text subjects.

3. What is a social media short essay?

An essay about social media is a piece exploring the nature and concepts of public networking. Such papers engage analytical and critical thinking on par with argumentation abilities. Students must demonstrate in-depth subject knowledge, reasoning, and description skills. Look at free paper samples to see how such papers are composed.

4. Why is social media essay so important?

Any academic essay on social media positively affects the author's skills. Similar articles improve cognitive abilities, enhance vocabulary, and deepen students’ knowledge. It serves a vital role in the education of young people preparing them for some realities of a modern world. Students learn to analyze data, organize it, and present it in a readable way.


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