10 May 2022


UML Functions in Project Analysis and Modeling

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UML is a standard graphical notation that describes systems software analysis and designs. The use of the standard notation helps to minimize errors resulting from misinterpretation and ambiguity (Eriksson & Penker, 2010). This is from the fact that UML is designed to work on a modeling language, which is an artificial language that is applicable in the expression of the structure of systems that are characterized by a consistent set of rules. These rules are applied in interpretation of the real meaning of the components conjuring up to form the structure of a project. In project analysis and modeling, the UML models are used as the graphical and textual means of representing the functional requirements of the entire system (Larman, 2012). This implies that the UML models are not only represented as graphical notations, but can also be represented as textual notations for creation of conceptual designs. This paper examines the functions and uses that UML serves in the analysis and modeling phases of a project. 

UML is made up of models, which aid in the presentation of the textual and graphical requirements of a system in a project. These models include the diagrams that represent both the structural information and the general types of behavior, where the latter represent the various aspects of interactions in the analysis and modeling phase of a project (Larman, 2012). 

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The UML structure diagrams give an emphasis of the specific components that must be present in the system that is being modeled (Eriksson & Penker, 2010). They are helpful in the system analysis of a project since they represent the structure of the project and thus, they are used in the documentation of the software architecture for the software systems of a project. The best example of the structure diagram is the component diagram, which documents the software architecture of the project. 

On the other hand, the interaction diagrams may be used to show how the specific objects within a project communicate with each other, thus helping in monitoring the flow of data among the components that are being modeled. The behavior diagrams are also models of the UML that emphasizes on what happens when the system is being modeled. In this regard, the behavior diagrams illustrate the actual behavior of a system by describing the functionality of system software in the course of management of a project (Eriksson & Penker, 2010). The best example of the behavior diagram is the use-case diagram, which is used in the requirements elicitation and analysis phases of the project as a means of articulating the functional requirements of the system software. In project management, the use case diagrams are used to write acceptance test cases. 

Overly, UML is made up of a meta modelling architecture, which gives the project managers to read and disseminate the strcuture of a system coupled with the process of designing plans for the project (Larman, 2012). It is with the UML models that project managers are able to make it easire of UML-proficient people to actively participate in projects and manage communciation systems between the actors in the system of project management. It is also evident that the UML models work on both the graphical and textual representation of data, which makes it easire for project managers to follow the requirements of the projects. UML models also help in the elimination of errors in the process of modeling of a project. 


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