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U.S. History: The American Revolution

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The Reconstruction Era in 1877 saw the United States government address various political, economic, legal, and social issues. One among the issues was the abolition of slavery. The achievements made during the Reconstruction Era were as a result of the efforts and a process that was initiated by the Americas Founding Fathers, in particular Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Both leaders played an imperative role in advocating equal treatment for all, including the slaves. However, as it shall be observed in the discussion below, Thomas Jefferson is credited as the leader whose vision was closest to the reality of the reconstruction era. 

As the chief staff aide to President George Washington, Hamilton’s main aim was to see the country adhere to the constitution, especially in its economic activities. Most his contributions had no direct relationship on the Reconstruction Era. The reconstruction era sought to address human injustices and foster the reunification of the southern states. However, Hamilton is remembered for initiating the process that would later see the abolition of slave trade. He also promoted democracy. 

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President Jefferson’s decisions and actions were more direct and institutionalized. For instance, he signed the 1807 that prohibited the importation of slaves to the United States. While he did not abolish the slave trade, he initiated a process that would later be made a reality during the construction Era. Additionally, his respect for human rights and promotion of democracy was unprecedented. For instance, he is remembered for his famous statement, ‘All men are created equal’ during the Declaration of Independence. He is more remembered for fighting for the fundamental rights of all people, regards of whether they were free men or slaves. 

In conclusion, both Hamilton and Jefferson played a vital role in building the foundation upon which the United States rests. While both leaders supported democracy and human rights, President Jefferson had a vision that was closer to the realities during the Reconstruction Era. 

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