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Virtual Organization and the Managerial Control Function

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The notion of virtual organization creates a major challenge in alignment with the control function of managers. Monitoring and measuring performance in organizations where employees are scattered and detached from their managers is the most challenging aspect in global organizations. Managers face more complicated scenarios where they have to address intercultural aspects. Since virtual organizations comprises of managers and employees in distinct places, the idea of virtual teams becomes a critical consideration in the application of the control function. Communication becomes the most critical tool in addressing the barriers that may hinder optimal performance. 

The establishment of trust with the virtual team members becomes the means through which to enable open communication. Hunsacker and Hunsacker (2009) provide five ways through which to build trust with the virtual teams for optimal performance. These include the creation of time to engage in face-to-face interactions, setting realistic and measurable goals and expectations, providing feedback and identifying areas that require improvement, highlighting areas of expertise and competence for an individual member to the rest of the team, and fostering cultural recognition. These five elements play a major role in ensuring smooth flow of information that is crucial to the monitoring and measuring of performance. According to Goodbody (2005), successful virtual management is a product of effective team communication, trust and collaboration, and efficiency in team formation. The implication is that the control function of management in virtual organization can only thrive through collaboration between the managers and the employees’ teams created in various firms. 

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The 360 degree feedback is a critical tool in measuring employee performance as it involves the opinions of other employees, supervisors, or customers (Praveena, Kishan & Babu, 2016). Team members are particularly a great resource in judging the performance of an individual with whom they work. The team members can also be relied on to suggest areas of improvement for underperforming individuals. 


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