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What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that spreads directly or indirectly from one person to another. COVID-19 is caused by the newly discovered coronavirus referred to as novel coronavirus. The infection affects mostly the upper respiratory track like nose, throat and lungs. Coronavirus is easily and continuously spread but with a low mortality rate ( World Health Organization. 2020) . The disease affects many people but it is more prevalent in older people above the age of sixty and people suffering from pre-existing health conditions. COVID-19 spread vigorously via droplets generated from coughing and sneezing such as saliva from the mouth. 

The symptoms of the disease appear between the second and fourteenth day of exposure. The exposure comes about as a result of being in contact with infected person and having close contact with someone from a country with high infection rate ( World Health Organization. 2020) . Some of the basic symptoms include, high fever, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, frequent sneezing and mild headache. The symptoms are much closer to those of common cold and flu, therefore, one should consult with medical expert for clarification. 

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Coronavirus has no treatment nor vaccine, but symptom-based medical knowledge is administered to the infected persons. Infected person is advised to inhale steam thrice a day in order to ease congestion caused by the cough. One should also take a lot of water so as to keep hydrated and have enough bed rest ( CDC. 2020) . Washing hands frequently with alcohol-based sanitizer is crucial in reducing the spread of the virus. Infected person with chronic symptoms should seek medical attention from a qualified medical doctor so that, medication can be prescribed adequately. Many people recover from the virus after following instructions given by medical experts. 

Protective measures come in three ways that is, protecting of oneself, protecting the family and protecting the community. Protecting oneself involve, washing hands regularly with soap and running water, using alcohol-based sanitizers where soap and water are not available, keeping distance and avoiding touching contaminated surfaces ( CDC. 2020) . When protecting the family, an infected person should use disposable tissues when sneezing and coughing, or sneeze in the inner side of the elbow. An infected person should also isolate in order from others, the use of three-layered mask is also required to minimize the spread of the virus ( CDC. 2020) . A sick person should protect the community by seeking medical attention and observing self-quarantine method in order to prevent the infection. 

Finally, COVID-19 is a deadly disease, but recovery is very possible. An individual with symptoms mentioned is advised to observe the laid down precautionary measures so as to aid in the reduction of the spread of coronavirus. 


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