11 Aug 2022


White deer Café Case Study

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Social media offers a great platform for engagement and interactions with people, particularly when proving support. To help white deer café meet its goals by offering the best quality regionally and globally, I will plan to use communication skills to get their products in college and to local residents. My role is timing posts and contacting people, sharing them through different social media platforms, and checking engagements (likes, shares, comments) for higher service quality. This role is required since it is a significant part of communication. Offering genuine attention to customers makes them feel appreciated and welcomed. When the target audience is treated with care and respect, there is a likelihood of returning to the café ( Walker, 2007) . My role is aligned with the project's objectivities since the white deer café offers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for customers. The target audience is HCT students, both male, and female who love to spend most of their time away from college. Timing posts and contacting them on different social media platforms, and checking engagements such as likes, shares, and comments will increase awareness of diverse foods offered at the café. 


Updating Customers 

Customer focus is important in delivering a superior customer experience. Even though my role is timing posts and contacting people through different social media platforms, I will update customers about the food and services available at the café. I will make the students aware of the diverse foods and beans offered by white deer café. This is vital not only to my client but also to the target audience and the project's goals and objectives. I will sell why the white deer café offers quality and great services to achieve the restaurant outcomes. My responsibility features the characteristics of foods and services that bear the ability to satisfy customer needs. My goal is to sell the products to various customers in the broader social media market segment. I will also update customers about the pricing of different foods and the great services at the café. This will allow the audience to sample various items on the menu and make them aware of various beans and foods at the café. 

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Creating and Maintaining Reports on Customer Interactions 

I will create and maintain reports on customer interactions for white deer café to collect and mine data to know about their customer interactions on all social media platforms. One way of increasing customer satisfaction is knowing customers themselves ( Walker, 2007) . When white deer café is aware of their customers' needs and concerns, they will decide whether to enhance the connection between employees- customers relationship or to fuel segments that can augment productivity. I will strive to create and maintain reports, particularly on the employee-customer relationship in social media's café environment. At many times, customer response to the diverse foods offered at the white deer café is dependent on the employees' attitudes. Happy employees tend to impact customers since they have to tell the customers why they are the best. 

Collecting Customer Praise and Feedback 

To maintain and improve competitiveness, I will gather customer praise and feedback so that white deer café could use it to upgrade its delicacies and services. The praises and feedback from social media engagements (likes, shares, and comments) will be used to improve quality, locate problems, and identify areas for improvement. Social media can transform the means of gathering and using information directly from clients as the complaints suggest that certain areas need improvements, whereas praises stress customer satisfaction. While complaints are praises are a strategic goal, I will collect views, especially from regular customers, and ask them why they find the white deer café more interesting. By so doing, I will make new clients regular customers since my primary objective is to inform the students about the diverse foods offered by white deer café and to launch a public relations campaign that promotes small businesses across the UAE through social media channels. 

Tracking Customer Behavior 

I will review customer behavior through all social media channels. The online environment is viewed by users from a new perspective, especially on how consumers communicate. I will study consumer behavior as well as decision processes through peer communication. Through likes, shares, and comments, I will know whether students have the power to influence other new customers. I will also review consumer's psychosocial characteristics such as income, white deer café presentation, purchase motivation, and the presence of diverse beans and food on social media channels. I will also track demographic characteristics (age and sex) of students as well as the preferred purchase method for all customers. Social media has transformed consumers with widespread information, enhanced communication, and better social networking. In the comment section, several students will share different views, hobbies, and interests regarding discussing the type of services and food offered by the café. This will revolutionize the marketing practice of white deer café to build better relationships with customers. 

Solving Simple Customer Concerns 

I will solve simple concerns from local customers and students in UAE on all social media platforms. Since my primary objective is to build a sense of loyalty among the clients and turn them into regular customers, solving simple concerns immediately they are raised will provide a good service encounter and interaction. As a responsibility, I will work on the skills and competencies in order to provide superior customer services. By doing this, I will achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction, which will build the business to attract more customers. Consistent solving of problems and concerns online will allow the audience better to understand the issues and customer management's importance. A pleasurable analogy could be effective customer service, which addresses important issues that pop up throughout social media platforms. 

Task  Date  Description 
Updating Customers  6/3/2021 

Updating local customers and students about food and the quality of services. 

Sell why the business offers quality food and services. 

Creating and maintaining reports  8/3/2021 

Create reports about customer interaction. 

Maintain reports on the employee-customer relationship. 

Collecting customer praise and feedback  10/3/2021 

Gather customer praise and feedback 

Collecting views from customers, especially about pricing 

Tracking customer behavior  12/3/2021 

Review customer behavior 

Track demographic characteristics (age and sex) 

Solving simple customer concerns  15/3/2021 

Address simple customer concerns to achieve customer loyalty 

Work on skills and competencies to provide superior customer services 


Lack of Technology Integration 

When working on the project, I am likely to experience some problems because of the lack of technology. The white deer café areas have little access to technology, there are no customer relationship tools, which I can use for instant messaging. Social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, are essential channels that enable customers to interact and stay informed about their meals and services. 

Organizational Challenges 

White deer café might not offer meals that customers’ requests due to organizational challenges. This is a challenge that directly affects me for the reason that I will not be able to respond efficiently to customer issues and requests. Customers always want their inquiries and requests to be handled efficiently before promoting new meals and services. 

Inadequate Customer Knowledge 

Due to many competitors, white deer café suffers from inadequate customer management. As a promoter, I am not likely to use customer knowledge to personalize my customer relationship. As a result, the lack of this personalization concept will affect my ability to streamline service quality, hence not satisfying all customers. 

How to Address the Challenges 

I will convince white deer café's management to adopt a cross-channel e-commerce customer relationship to enable customers to interact on Instagram and Twitter. By implementing technology, I will do good reviews about the café in the comment section in order to create awareness among people while building the business reputation. This way, I will keep the local customers and students informed about the business. Simultaneously, the presence of technology will enhance instant replies to numerous comments without directly contacting them. I will also implement organizational changes to white deer café to offer meals that match with customer requests. I will argue the management to produce enough delicacies, which can match the target customers. I will also ensure that the café offers timely and same-day delivery to build customer loyalty. Lastly, I will encourage white deer café to use customer knowledge to personalize customer relationships. As a result, I will collect customer data from all social media platforms through ultra-targeted satisfaction surveys. 

Evidence of Work/Communication 


For white deer café to provide higher service quality, timing posts engagement on different social media platforms will greatly help. This indicates my role's success at the current stage since my goal is to enhance communication and customer relationship. As a result, white deer café will develop a brand and give more information to the target audience. Simultaneously, immediate response to clients will build customer loyalty by addressing customers' concerns since the meals are significant to build traffic at the café. Most clients, "local customers and students," will increase their eating goals, boosting the community's existing business. 


Walker, J. R. (2007).  Study Guide to Accompany The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation, 5e . John Wiley & Sons. 

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