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Whole Foods: Strategic Objectives and Mission

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Background of Whole Foods 

Whole Foods is a supermarket chain dealing in organic products with its headquarters in the United States and operational in the United Kingdom as well as Canada. The food company is a publicly owned for-profit organization having gone public in 1992 when its shares were first traded (Baskin & Olszyk, 2018). Whole Foods was founded in 1978 as a natural foods store has grown widely acquiring major food companies in the United States. During its thirty years of existence, the organic foods company has continuously expanded its operations offering products that the company deems ‘natural’ and meeting its instituted standards.

The strategic objectives and the mission of Whole Foods have been set on sustainability where the business continuously aims at improving individual customer choice devoid of devaluing the ecosystem as well as human integrity. The company aims at creating a favorable relationship between human beings, the environments as well as food supply. The company prides itself on championing for education and public participation especially about promoting healthy foods and a sustainable world (Baskin & Olszyk, 2018).

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Human resource organization 

Whole Foods Inc. has had a unique human resource organization. A team-based operation structure of human resource is at the center of the company’s workforce organization. Additionally, a work culture founded on an employee-oriented perspective is part of the workforce organization which over time the company has credited for its profitability in the then negligibly growing industry. Another aspect that the company has long utilized in its human resource organization is decentralization. Considerably, bureaucracy is reduced when the operations of a company are decentralized since an organization is given an opportunity to tailor its operations in the environment it is operating.

A ‘salary book’ was availed at all locations of Whole Foods which acted to create openness and trust culture in the company since all employees’ salaries were made available in addition to having a salary cap for its CEO (Baskin & Olszyk, 2018). Human resource was actively involved in building a competitive environment since teams were encouraged to benchmark performances with other teams in the system cementing an excellence culture.

Workforce plan 

Whole Foods organization can adopt numerous strategies and plans that will enable the company to organize its workforce with the ultimate objective being achieving organizational objectives. One of the strategies worth giving a try is building sound human resource systems. Having a workable human resource system requires the business managers to accurately determine the needs of a company consequently recruiting suitable candidates to help meet customer demands. A human resource system can be achieved by identifying and developing talent from internal and external environments. According to Levitt (2018), while developing talent, company management ought to focus on identifying the visible skills such as strategic thinking as well as business acumen. Building on such visible skills works to create a pool of talent at an organization’s disposal.

The rewarding human resource also forms an integral part of building a formidable workforce. Building upon competitive benefits and payments for employees offer crucial incentives for an organization to meet its strategic plans and objectives (Beardwell & Thompson, 2017). A workforce that is not motivated brings all company practices and systems into a standstill. It also proves important to develop human resources through employee development. Considerable organization growth, success as well as sustainability is entrenched on an organization’s ability to redesign its workforce plans in an era of rapid technological changes.


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