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Why Churchill was one of the most competent leaders

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 Winston Churchill is among the most infamous politicians for his credibility among other vast leadership qualities. On this note, during his years of leadership and especially during the Second World War, Churchill portrayed the five factors of credibility which include expertise, goodwill, rank, common ground, and image. For such great traits, Churchill is among the people I look up to regarding my knowledge in career public speaking. It was due to the vast array of positive qualities and virtues in leadership that Churchill earned himself an active and respected presence. One of his remarkable moments was when he had to make a crucial decision on whether to end the war by negotiating a peace treaty with Nazi Germany or else go to war with the aim of saving his nation. It is at this point that he decided to opt for war rather than surrendering which was a price that had to be paid for better future generations. 

Under the title, ‘We shall never surrender' the speech made by Churchill depicts the courage, determination, ambition, and influence that he had for his people. Most importantly, he managed to unite the British for a common course of liberation. In his remarks, Churchill stated that "we shall defend our native land for whatever cost it takes," (Churchill, 1940). Such an act of credibility and effective leadership would later translate into the involvement of England in the war for the sole purpose of defending their kind and property. Even though Churchill's message was painful to those who lost their family members and friends, he maintained a sense of a greater good that is emphatically evident in the current society (Churchill et al., 1995). Therefore, I perceive Churchill as one of the most competent leaders with whom I would have to acquire his credibility skills and implement them in my public speaking expertise. 

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