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Why We're Not Able To Live Forever

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Old age is an unavoidable situation that every person has to contend with since the life of the body cells of a human wear out and become old as time passes. While others have accepted the inevitable future of old age waiting for them, a number of people in society are doing everything to stay and look young. Being youthful and energetic is a trait admired by many, and once people achieve the look and body size they love, they work to sustain it no matter the actions they have to take so as to achieve their goal.

Scientific discoveries and advancements in technology have greatly imparted the medical world and society with new skills and knowledge that have reshaped the way treatments are administered across the globe. Technology has enabled medical practices to be revolutionized. Doctors are able to administer the best care to patients, through using technology to prevent foreseeable injuries and diseases, especially to sport men and women. Individuals, who would have died from failing of body organs, can now breathe a sigh of relief as there are medical practices in place which enable regeneration of body cells, and transplants which give new life to people who were viewed as goners (Arnold & Benton, 2001) .

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“Already scientists have found genes in a type of worm that help extend its life. They have also found that one of these genes seems to be similar to a human gene that keeps gene alive” (Arnold & Benton, 2001, p. 82) 

People, who have the desire to fight off the encroaching undesirable aspects of old age, are able to achieve their desired objective through medical procedures and treatments. Sagging skin is addressed through injections that make it to tighten, achieving a more youthful complexion. Hormone replacement is now enabling patients to replenish the depleting hormones in there body due to cells aging and dying off. Through this procedure, individuals are able to sustain body characteristics of a youthful person. The medical procedures are numerous, and are constantly evolving to meet the expectations different patients have (Arnold & Benton, 2001) .

“In some ways cats and dogs age like humans. They lose their hearing and develop problems that humans suffer in old age, such as heart disease and arthritis” (Arnold & Benton, 2001, p.79) 

Even with all the science and technology advancements used in present day, it is impossible for a person to live forever as death is an unavoidable circumstance that is brought about by a number of unforeseeable circumstances. Through using particular medical procedures and eating a healthy diet, a person can prolong their life on earth by some additional years. Life has an expiration date just as every living organism on earth. It is better for those who accept death as a matter of life rather than those who live in denial, as they will spend their days tormented at the thought of aging or dying at a time they did not desire. Medical practitioners who have patients as best interests at heart will discourage adding foreign materials into the body since it can cause irreparable damage, or rather lead an individual to early death (Arnold & Benton, 2001) .

Medicine is a science that is used for every purpose that humans think is required. It is for medical practitioners and patients to make choices which will offer a person a better life. People who simply want to look young or to live longer may need to drastically change their way of life, as the change they seek has to come with significant cost and sacrifice.


Arnold, N., & Benton, T. (2001).   How to live forever . Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

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